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How Smart Majority grew from 100 to 100,000 learners

SMART Majority and LearnUpon are two eLearning businesses that have grown rapidly since they were founded. That growth isn’t a coincidence. As one of LearnUpon’s first customers, a strong partnership has helped the companies to thrive in their respective markets.

SMART Majority was established to improve the way that online learning and development is delivered. Its co-founders aimed to leverage the potential of technology, to deliver a learning experience superior to any other on the market. Driven by the goal of acquiring hundreds of thousands of learners, they needed an online learning platform that would help them reach their ambitious targets. 

Gaining a competitive advantage

SMART Majority delivers courses that cover a broad range of topics, spanning event management, leadership and management, design, and many more. The company’s founder and CEO, Camelia Symes, believed that leveraging new developments in eLearning technology could deliver an unbeatable competitive advantage.

Symes saw that many eLearning providers had yet to adopt tools designed to deliver the best possible learning experience. To achieve this they needed an online learning platform that would be easy to manage and efficient, to ensure it would support the needs of their learners as well as their admins. 

Creating a more engaging learning experience

Knowing that the selection of the right LMS was crucial, SMART Majority was determined to radically improve on the offerings of their eLearning competitors. When they were first established, most learning and training providers lagged behind recent developments in eLearning technology. Many providers did nothing more than deliver courses in a basic PDF format, which was not only unengaging for learners, but difficult to track and manage.

SMART Majority knew they could deliver a far more engaging eLearning experience. And because they chose eLearning technology as their key differentiator, the selection of a learning platform that could deliver on that vision was paramount. After setting extremely ambitious targets they needed an LMS that would meet their needs from the start, while also having the ability to scale to accommodate the hundreds of thousands of learners they wanted to reach in the first five years.

A supportive, easy-to-use LMS

SMART Majority considered a number of online learning platforms, but something about LearnUpon stood out from the beginning. After getting a demo to see how the learning management system worked they knew the learning platform would be a good fit. 

They found LearnUpon’s features impressive but easy to navigate so, they decided to follow the demo up with a free trial. Having this free trial gave SMART Majority a taste for what they could achieve with LearnUpon’s LMS. 

As admins, they found it really easy to navigate. They could manage all of the features without any training. Even the least technical member of the team could set up courses immediately. And because they found it so easy to use, they believed their learners would too. By delivering their courses through LearnUpon, SMART Majority knew they could create the improved learner experience they had envisioned. 

The high quality support they received during their free trial also influenced their decision-making. Being such a small team they needed to minimize costs to guarantee a return. They had no in-house IT department to manage a long integration period, or to deal with any technical issues, but they knew they could count on LearnUpon’s 24/7 support. If they had questions, LearnUpon’s support team would be there to help them.

Reaching their goal

LearnUpon ticked all the boxes that mattered most to SMART Majority: supportive, easy-to-use, and reliable. They always felt like they were working as a team with LearnUpon. 

Most importantly choosing LearnUpon has enabled SMART Majority to achieve their original goal of increasing their learner base – proudly growing from 100 to over 100,000 learners.