Create multiple, fully segregated portals through one LearnUpon account


Create multiple portals that are individually branded and configured for your different audiences

  • Train and engage customers, partners or resellers
  • Create, manage and share courses with each of your portals
  • Assume full administration and visibility over all your portals
  • Secure and scalable


Easily create portals

Portals (or multi-tenant) are custom learning environments for different categories of learners such as by team, partner or customer.  Each portal you create gets its own unique website address to access. You can easily brand each portal with a unique look and feel in minutes by changing the colors of the interface, the headings and logos used. Let each audience experience your LMS as an extension of your brand. Personalize automated email templates to match the style and tone of your specific audiences.




Save time managing courses

Save time managing courses for multiple audiences by making changes in one central place. Copy, edit and share courses with portals to avoid duplicating work and scale administration. You can easily deploy course changes to all your portals by changing only one version in your top portal. When licensing courses, you decide the number of enrollments and the time allowed per course, making it easy to manage your departments/clients.


Robust tracking and reporting

Administrators in your top portal have full visibility into course completion, results and certifications over all portals. Administrators in other portals can control and obtain detailed reporting for users in their portal. Track learner progress, measure their performance, and observe certifications awarded. You can even configure and schedule reports so that they are delivered automatically to the right stakeholders daily, weekly or monthly.



Save time by delegating administration

Save administrative time by assigning common tasks such as adding and removing users and assigning specific courses. When assigning administrative rights to portal administrators, you can select default roles or modify permissions to suit your needs. You can assign managers to groups and customize their permissions. Assign instructors to manage courses, ILT sessions or provide feedback.

Private and secure

Each portal has its own distinct and separate URL and is built on a highly secure infrastructure. Easily administrate and control your portals from within your own learning environment. You can white-label your sub-portals with their own custom website address and email address with full branding options. Each portal is fully segregated so that each portal user has their own view of their LMS data and may not even be aware they part of a multi-tenant system.


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