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user management

Manage users, without the effort

With LearnUpon, you can tailor user management to suit your organization’s needs and team structures – at any scale. Automate repetitive tasks letting you spend less time on admin and more time building great learning.

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Let the LMS do the work

Automate user creation and enrollments, managing large numbers of learners with bulk upload and the API. Seamlessly integrate LearnUpon with your CRM or HRIS so that new users are added to the LMS, as they are added to the other systems.

Add users in a variety of ways

Bulk upload icon

Bulk upload

Add thousands of users at once: administrators can upload a spreadsheet of users – all that’s needed is an email address.

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Import and automate

Create users in the background: connect your HRIS or CRM and auto-import users to the LMS as they are added in other systems.

Manually create icon

Manually create

Create users one by one, a nifty option for adding new users on-the-fly who may not be in your CRM or HRIS.

Self register icon

User self-registration

Make registration as public as you want, so that users can conveniently self sign-up as it suits them.

Segment users into groups for easier management

Organize users with specified attributes into different groups. Show only relevant content to each group, providing learners with a tailored experience, while making it easier to pull group-specific reports to monitor progress.

WebPT uses Groups in LearnUpon to organize
their learners by business, product, and role.

Learners receive more tailored content, showcasing the particular range of WebPT products they have purchased.

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User types and permissions

Delegate tasks and build a user structure dedicated to your organization’s needs



A select few users with the full set of privileges – everything that can be set-up in LearnUpon, can be configured by the Administrator.



Instructors have a closer relationship with learners – manage courses, mark assignments and facilitate Instructor-led training.



The Administrator can delegate tasks to Managers without giving over complete control. For example, Managers can run reports on their own Groups.



All the learner has to worry about is completing their Courses and Learning Paths – collecting those valuable points and badges!

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LearnUpon is built with the features you need to deliver fast, efficient training through one intuitive platform.

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