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How Leadfeeder built a training academy to automate new customer onboarding at scale with LearnUpon


enrollments across 2k+ registered users in under a year


less people required to onboard new entry-level customers

Leadfeeder is an innovative sales intelligence tool that helps its 50,000+ customers worldwide identify prospects, qualify leads, and connect to drive revenue.

Having successfully moved from start-up to scale-up, it was looking for ways to fuel its next stage of growth. For its Customer Success team, this meant focusing on one primary metric: customer retention. Knowing that better onboarding equals less churn, the team decided to deliver training to onboard at scale.

Through LearnUpon, Leadfeeder Academy was born; a customer university to onboard its fast-growing customer base in an automated, measurable way and help the Customer Success team mature its approach to customer education.

“LearnUpon has automated onboarding for many of our customers, and drastically reduced the admin time and effort. Onboarding used to involve two people (per customer!). Now our team can focus on systems that scale, impacting larger groups of people, and providing more specialized support.”

Paul Faure

Customer Support Manager at Leadfeeder

The challenge: Breaking free of manual, repetitive training 

Since its early days, Leadfeeder embraced a person-to-person customer onboarding model, with Onboarding Specialists training customers one to one.

However, as the business’s growth went into hyperdrive, particularly with entry-level plans, the Customer Success team members knew they needed to pivot. They needed a new strategy that would onboard entry-level and support all customers in a simple, scalable, low-touch way.

The team’s first step was to build a custom web-based solution to share instructional videos on the Leadfeeder platform. But after finding it “wasn’t up to the mark from a data perspective”, according to Paul Faure, Customer Support Manager at Leadfeeder, a bigger plan was hatched: invest in a highly integrable learning solution to deliver automated customer training and track its impact on retention.

The solution: Automated onboarding at scale with Leadfeeder Academy

For Leadfeeder, LearnUpon was the number one choice to build “Leadfeeder Academy”. With the LMS, the team now has a place where onboarding training for entry-level customers is  entirely automated and self-serve, and where all customers – no matter the plan – can access supportive video-based product training on-demand.

Seamless, interactive customer onboarding, powered by integrations

For the Leadfeeder team, a seamless and interactive onboarding experience for this subset of customers was paramount. Yet, with a fairly limited team headcount serving a large number of accounts, they couldn’t do this manually. 

Now, using LearnUpon’s integration options, every step of the onboarding funnel is automated. 

Signing up to a paid Leadfeeder account triggers a welcome email that directs customers to the Academy, where they can register for an account and log in with Single Sign-On (SSO), minimal effort needed.

And when they log in, it’s a personalized experience for each customer, with access to relevant courses for them to pick and choose from based on their use case and role. This is achieved by combining user data from sign-up, pushed through via API from Leadfeeder’s Data Warehouse, with LearnUpon’s Dynamic Rules feature for group management.

Using Intercom for messaging in the Leadfeeder platform, the Customer Success team set it up in the Academy too, with LearnUpon’s Intercom Chatbot integration. Customers can talk to Leadfeeder’s Support team in real-time as they navigate around the Academy the same as they can in Leadfeeder’s platform itself, so they still feel connected and supported while onboarding.  

Beyond supporting existing customers, Leadfeeder Academy is contributing to new customer growth too. Upon successful completion of a course and quiz in the Academy, learners are automatically awarded a certification. And by leveraging Social Sharing in LearnUpon, customers are prompted to share certificates on LinkedIn or Twitter, increasing brand awareness and turning education into a demand generation channel.

A data-driven approach for a data-driven company

With analytics playing a big role and their previous solution lacking the ability to report on learning data, this is where LearnUpon shines for Paul and the Customer Success Team.

“LearnUpon is central in giving us a platform that speaks to other technologies and helps us learn from the data to take our customer education journey further.”

Paul Faure

Customer Support Manager at Leadfeeder

From using LearnUpon’s Dashboards to monitor the impact of email campaigns on Academy logins, to tracking user adoption of features after training, to cross-tabulating churn rates with training taken via an API connection to their business intelligence tool Tableau, the impact of customer education is tracked and measured.

“When we are working on something in LearnUpon, I know we’re going to get tangible feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. That’s helped us be more confident in what we’re doing and working on - we can learn and continue to evolve.”

Paul Faure

Customer Support Manager at Leadfeeder

Up next: Multiple audiences, one LMS

Leadfeeder’s future with LearnUpon is two-fold.

On the employee side, Leadfeeder’s goal is to support its growing number of new hires, the majority of which are remote, with employee onboarding through LearnUpon. Delivered in a separate and unique employee Learning Portal, this training will be tailored at a team level, and structured in Learning Paths to build 30 and 60 day onboarding plans which can be monitored by managers.

For the Leadfeeder team, it’s all about increasing customer engagement and satisfaction by leveraging more of LearnUpon’s learner engagement features, and promoting the Academy as a valuable asset in the commercial team’s toolkit to offer their customers.

“We are continuing to learn about education, so we take an iterative approach to our customer education strategy - we experiment, roll out, and review. Any change we make we can report from in LearnUpon. We know we’re taking our customer education journey in the right direction.”

Paul Faure

Customer Support Manager at Leadfeeder