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Outstanding 95% learner engagement achieved by Soccer Shots Franchising

Soccer Shots positively impacts children’s lives all over the United States and Canada through their premier Children’s Soccer Experience. They fulfill this promise by providing their community of owners, directors, coordinators, and coaches with consistently high-quality online training. Using LearnUpon to deliver, manage, and track this training has enabled them to achieve an impressive 95% learner engagement rate. And as a result, over 400,000 children participate in Soccer Shots program each year.

“As a franchise system, we needed the ability for multiple access levels and LearnUpon is setup to fit our needs perfectly. We didn’t have to squeeze anything to fit right, it seemed like LearnUpon was built for that purpose.”

Steve Fowler,

Soccer Shots Franchising

Maximising growth through online training

Back in 2014 Soccer Shots realized that they needed an LMS to grow their business. They were using printed manuals and DVD based video content to deliver training to their franchise owners. When they wanted to update a course, they had to burn video content to DVD and mail it out to their franchise owners. This manual approach was proving hard to scale. Not only was it time-consuming, but they had no way to ensure that franchise owners were using the most up-to-date courses when training their coaches. They needed a new system for delivering training that would allow them to frequently update their courses, easily roll them out, and accurately track course performance.

“We were growing as a system and needed to improve our training process among coaches across the U.S. and Canada. We wanted to transition to an LMS so we could update our training more frequently and be able to track system use among our franchise owners.”

Steve Fowler,

Soccer Shots Franchising

The perfect fit for a franchise organization

Soccer Shots set out in search of an LMS that would meet their needs. After assessing over a dozen platforms, and trialing four in-depth, they were extremely impressed with LearnUpon. It was the only system that gave them free trial access, so they could create courses, enroll themselves and experience the system from both manager and learner perspectives. Moreover, they found it easy to use which gave them the confidence that franchise owners and coaches, with varying levels of technical abilities, would be able to use the LMS without issue. 

They were surprised to find that not all LMSs are built to cater to the needs of a franchise organization. LearnUpon’s manager role enabled their franchise owners to manage the delivery of training to their own coaches, while ensuring Soccer Shots still had full control over the courses and content available. This gives them peace of mind that all training is accurate and up-to-date. With their previous set-up, they had no visibility on how their training was being received, the ability to track training was a huge benefit for them. With LearnUpon they could generate reports and instantly see how the courses, and coaches, were performing.

Facilitating Soccer Shots’ future growth

On implementing LearnUpon in 2014, Soccer Shots doubled their franchise owner numbers. This was followed by over 320,000 children participating in their programs in 2015. And they also achieved an impressive 95% training engagement rate with their coaches. Thanks to the LMS, they can gather feedback directly from coaches, allowing them to gauge how well the courses are being received. They can then use this information to continuously optimize their training efforts. 

LearnUpon has enabled them to successfully scale their business and the platform is continually offering them new possibilities. Thanks to this success, Soccer Shots are planning their next move – expanding the courses they offer and rolling them out to new regions to positively impact even more children’s lives.

“LearnUpon provides us with the chance to interact with our coaches across the country, and train them to be the best coaches in the business.”

Katy Slater,

Soccer Shots Franchising