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Watch your course completions soar

With interactive features and a leading user experience, use LearnUpon to create training that your learners want to complete – whenever they want, and wherever they are.

A learner experience to remember

LearnUpon’s easy-to-use LMS is designed to put the learner first, with features to motivate, remove barriers, and make training a convenient task that your learners actually want to do.

Gamification and leaderboards

Encourage your team to hit their goals and place a spotlight on the best performing learners.

Unlock badges

Award badges with every learning achievement. Pick ready-made badges, or add your own.


Let users gather points for activities, encouraging them to reach the next level – and their goals.

Generate leaderboards

Learners compare how they are performing, motivating them to continue and compete.

Track and report

See a record of every badge, point, and level. Report on all gamification activities from one place.

Award course credits and certificates

Automatically provide learners with personalized completion certificates, and set automated alerts when it’s time to re-certify. Apply, record and track internal and external learning credits in one cohesive experience.

Deliver learning to a global audience

Remove language barriers to learning with LearnUpon’s multilingual LMS – supporting over 20 out-of-the-box languages so you can deliver training that speaks to all your learners – no matter where they are.

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Catch the eye of busy learners

Promote courses, encourage learner interaction,
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Multimedia banners

Push important information to learners with multimedia banners on their dashboard.

Notifications + reminders

Send your learners emails about enrollments, due dates, reminders, and any other announcements.

Discussion forums

Enable learners to work together and share knowledge on course content, and other topics.

Learner-facing mobile app

Give your users the ability to access the content they need, when and where they need it.

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LearnUpon is carefully built with the features you need to deliver the
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LearnUpon is built with the features you need to deliver fast, efficient training through one intuitive platform.

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