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Empower your team,
enlighten your learners with AI

Unlock smarter, scalable, automated learning with a breakthrough suite of AI-powered features deeply integrated into LearnUpon’s core.

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Vision Graphic Our vision for your
generative AI LMS

Thoughtfully designed with real learning teams in mind, we’re shaping a product vision where AI reimagines how your business creates, delivers, and consumes learning.

Faster, smarter course creation

Never start from scratch again! With LearnUpon’s generative AI tools, you can produce compelling summaries, exams, and scripts, create engaging images and videos, translate text, and even build entire courses – in seconds, not weeks.

Deeper learning experiences

Make learning more meaningful with the magic of AI. By using interactive bots as coaches and tailoring assessments to test knowledge, you can provoke your learners to reflect and critically think about their learning.

The personal touch (at scale)

Send learners on a unique journey based on their interests and needs. Be it perfectly timed prompts or paced learning that helps them focus on goals, AI makes it easier to unlock the unlimited potential of your learners.

Smarter learning starts right now

Deliver bigger, better, more impactful learning programs today by discovering LearnUpon’s AI-powered features.


Engaging exams generated—instantly

Build highly relevant exams that truly assess your learners’ comprehension – just like that.


Personalize the learner experience

“What learning’s next?” Always have an answer by offering your learners automated, machine-powered recommendations.

Coming-Soon-Badge Say hi to your learners'
interactive reflection coach

Transform how your learners’ engage with and reflect on their learning with an interactive smart coach as their personal guide.

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And so much more...

AI Notifications
AI-Generated Course & Module Summaries
AI-Powered Scenario-Based Assessments
Automated Feedback Summaries

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