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LearnUpon Customer

"Even though features and price were what initially made LearnUpon stand out, it is your people that truly set you apart."

Jennifer @ Premium Retail Services - MO, US

"The software is a bit of an oxymoron, it's easy to use but boy is it powerful."

Genice @ Axia TP - MD, US

"LearnUpon has been one of the best vendor relationships I've had in my 20+ year L&D career."

Marvette @ SNL Knowledge Center - NY, US

"A great product with second-to-none customer support. It was a no brainer to use LearnUpon."

David @ ProCert Training LLC - NY, US

"LearnUpon's customer service and tech support is the best I've had with an LMS and I've managed four of them in the last 5 years. I couldn't be happier. LearnUpon is the gold standard."

Brent @ MarketStar - UT, US

"You continue to make improvements, you continue to show customer appreciation, and you continue to provide award-winning service. I love LearnUpon. It has made my job so much easier!"

Lydia @ Key Benefit Administrators - IN, US

"Everything ranks highly across the board in my opinion. Customer service responsiveness and help, engagement, keeping customers in the loop, added features...keep doing what you're doing!"

Ryan @ Cornerstone Learning - TX, US

"Everything is great! I love the constant feedback, quick response, and ease of use of the system. Thank you!"

Jennifer @ Codilis & Stawiarski P.C. - TX, US

"You have all been great!! Fantastic support and very responsive. And the LearnUpon software is fantastic."

Lindsay @ EverLearn - FL, US

"I think the product is great and the customer service is awesome! Keep doing what you are doing!"

Shelly @ KeyedIn Solutions - MN, US

"A constantly evolving and cost effective LMS with a second-to-none support team. The quality, support and level of customer service is like nothing I have experienced before."

Charles @ Harley Medical Group - UK

"We've used other LMSs and switched to LearnUpon for a number of reasons, starting with the exceptional support we receive. LearnUpon has helped us save time, energy and money."

John @ Ideal Technology Inc - QC, CA

"We switched to LearnUpon in early 2014, reducing our LMS costs by 66%, and acquiring functions we had not had before. LearnUpon support is excellent: fast and friendly."

Jon @ Cloud Aero Training - UK

LearnUpon Customer

"LearnUpon is extremely easy to use and the customer support is excellent!"

Ailbhe @ Greenline Conversations - Ireland

"LearnUpon is great for what we need and very low maintenance which is fantastic."

Jeanne @ SNL Knowledge Center - NY, US

"Really love the product and all of the enhancements you continue to make!"

Sally @ PartnerMD - VA, US

"I would recommend LearnUpon to anyone who needs an easy to use LMS."

Mel @ Newmont Mining - CO, US

"I searched for just over 10 years for an LMS like LearnUpon. This product is intuitive and easy to use. We took the leap with LearnUpon and haven’t looked back."

Andy @ PBS Systems - AB, CA

"Intuitive, smart, affordable and flexible, with an impressive range of features, backed up by first class service and support. I highly recommend LearnUpon."

Richard @ Maybo - UK

"If you’re looking for an LMS you won’t go far wrong with LearnUpon. Their learning management system is powerful yet intuitively simple to use."

Paul @ Coachwise Ltd - UK

"Key to its value, for us, is the customer support. LearnUpon’s team always provide immediate, courteous and effective responses."

Sara @ Starfish Aquatics Institute - GA, US

"LearnUpon provides an easy to use and professional platform that is flexible and adaptable. We give an unreserved endorsement."

Lloyd @ CLC International - PA, US

"Our trainer was delivering one-to-one training, which takes time when you’re 24/7/365. LearnUpon changed our lives, for the better!"

Sabrina @ Image-24 - QC, CA

"We needed a hosted LMS that's affordable, customizable, allows for different training formats and didn’t require us to have IT staff to manage it. We found ALL of this in LearnUpon."

Leslie @ Milestone HCQU West - PA, US

"Metrics show that our customers are pleased with the system and courses available. Over 90% responded that they “Strongly Agree” that the system and modules were easy to navigate."

Layne @ Xoft - CA, US

"I love this platform. I'm constantly coming up with new ways to use it and pitching ideas to other departments on how we can utilize it beyond training. You're a top notch company."

Christi @ Open Mortgage - TX, US

LearnUpon Customer

"LearnUpon agents without fail always provide immediate, courteous and effective responses."

Kat @ PubSvs - MD, US

"We love LearnUpon. Thanks for all of the great support!"

Kim @ Vado Inc. - MN, US

"The support is excellent, which is a big plus for me!"

Louise @ Interface Learning - Australia

"LearnUpon's team provide fantastic customer support."

Ray @ Dimensions - UK

"LearnUpon's LMS is impressive, but the real value of LearnUpon is the tremendous support the staff has provided us. We have had a real partner in helping us meet our business goals."

James @ Avant Healthcare Professionals - FL, US

"Your support team is the absolute best to deal with, very quick in getting back to concerns and really go the extra mile to help out. Thank you for everything you guys do!"

Cassie @ PBS Systems - AB, CA

"I am always impressed by the Support team - they are responsive, helpful and friendly; all my questions and issues have been responded to quickly and in a professional manner."

Abby @ Forte Research - WI, US

"You are the best. Everyone we have dealt with has been wonderful, responsive, receptive, helpful. Change nothing."

Christine @ WideOrbit Inc. - CA, US

"LearnUpon is a great partner. They provide seamless support and customer service. I feel as if they are a part of my team."

Chris @ Noria - OK, US

"Staff-wise, you guys rock! Support, help, guidance have been tremendous, second to none in my opinion. "

Dave @ Arbor Networks - MA, US

"The technical support I’ve received from LearnUpon has been absolutely top notch! Whether answering a question or digging in to investigate a problem, these guys are always responsive, fast, friendly and thorough."

Richard @ From Fatigued to Fantastic, LLC - MD, US

"The customer service at LearnUpon is stellar. Whenever we have questions or need support it is offered immediately and with great clarity. It is our privilege to recommend LearnUpon to any company that is looking for an LMS."

Tracy @ TJac Educational Consulting Group - NC, US

"LearnUpon has been invaluable in getting our business up and running. They have provided both the technical and personal support that has enabled us to get to where we are today, and will continue to help us to grow into the future."

Brian @ Sound Training Online - Ireland

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