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LearnUpon has exceptional customer service and their LMS is beyond user-friendly and flexible. They work with me to deliver results for the changing needs of our business and make my team and I look like rockstars!

Kerrie @ News America Marketing

LearnUpon is very intuitive, fits our business needs, and is scalable as our organization continues to grow.

Layne @ ChargePoint

We have had a great experience with LearnUpon. From the beginning with Caoimhí­n, with the support team, and of course, with Carrie, who has been instrumental in making this work. If we’ve had a concern or problem, it has been handled extremely quickly.

Chris @ Martin Sprocket

LearnUpon is 10/10 for product performance, coupled with excellent customer service and support.

Lindsay @ Everlearn

Ease of use - very intuitive. Customer support is 2nd to none - always very quick responses at any time of the day to issues.

Geraldine @ PING

We love LearnUpon. It covers a multitude of features, and does them pretty well, which makes it a great system for our 4 distinct business units that use it in very different ways.

Bill @ Bluebeam

LearnUpon is by far the best choice we've ever made to build the eLearning aspect of our business. The continuous new feature development and customer support are 5-star!

Jill @ Starfish Aquatics

I've been happy to see LearnUpon continuously improve its LMS! The customer support is always top notch!

Curtis @ Incident Prevention Institute

I love this platform. I'm constantly trying to come up with new ways to use it and pitching ideas to other departments on how we can utilize it beyond just the training. You are a top notch company in my book. I can't say that for other platforms I work with.

Christi @ Open Mortgage

It helps our organization tremendously, both in onboarding and educating our staff and with our newer customers. It's a huge time saver!

Andy @ PBS Systems

LearnUpon is an awesome LMS tool for anyone needing an affordable, out-of-the-box, customizable, hosted LMS solution. I also love that the product is always evolving to suit the needs of its customers and the ever-changing landscape of online learning. Thank you, LearnUpon! You have a loyal customer for LIFE!

Leslie @ Milestone PA

The entire platform is very easy-to-use, for both administrators and users. We are extremely happy with the software, as well as the amazing service.

Ryan @ University of Florida Self-Insurance Program

After really getting to know this software, it has become our organization's go to solution for training volunteers and new staff members in day-to-day operations and policies. It has changed how we do business.

Edward @ CNNSSA

The system is brilliant and so easy-to-use, with great support if required. First class!

Calum @ Thinking Success UK

The software is easy-to-use for both administrators and learners. The technical support and customer service is very responsive, thorough, and timely. No complaints whatsoever!

Joni @ Procomply

I have always loved the user interface and how simple it is to navigate… for all user types. I also think your customer service is top notch.

Katy @ Savvy Training

The customer service is excellent. The responsiveness of the representative, regardless of time, has been prompt and extremely helpful. I would highly recommend LearnUpon as the LMS of choice for that reason only.

Chris @ USA Football

I don't feel like a number. My rep truly cares and follows up with us. We feel like team members and I always look forward to our interactions.

Suzy @ New Oasis International Education

LearnUpon's technical and customer support are one of a kind. Our last provider would take days and sometimes weeks to address issues. They've continued to quickly respond (sometimes within minutes) to my technical questions/issues, and they've consistently provided the support I've needed to keep things running smoothly for my customers.

Julie @ Texas Association of School Business Officials

The outstanding level of customer support is what separates LearnUpon from its competitors!

Nathan @ EducateMeOnline

What we personally like about LearnUpon is the promptness and effectiveness of its support team. Not only have they always provided us with a solution, but they have also given us advice when we needed it. They truly care about their customers, listen to them, and consider features upon request.

Pamela @ Backbase

Customer service is second to none.

Jason @ Flextrain

LearnUpon's customer service is awesome. I've worked with a lot of businesses over the last 30+ years and I've never had better customer service.

Bill @ CVSA

We love LearnUpon. Thanks for all of the great support!

Kim @ Vado Inc

Chat with a learning expert. Invest 5 minutes and see if LearnUpon is right for you.

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