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Customer Story

Phalcon soars with an LMS made for workforce training

Phalcon, Ltd. is a leader in electrical and wireless infrastructure engineering, construction, and service for the utility, industrial and commercial industries. With offices and construction site locations across the eastern US, from Massachusetts to Tennessee, they were looking for a learning management system (LMS) to deliver training to their diverse workforce.

Having never used an LMS before and with a complex use case, they found LearnUpon. Thanks to the ease of use and expert customer support, Phalcon launched two successful learning tracks. Both met the needs of their workforce and led to actionable results for the business.

“One of the reasons we chose LearnUpon was the clear evidence of focus on customer service - actually the best I’ve seen in this line of business, and I’m very impressed with your responsiveness.”

Einat Dorobantu

Director of Strategy and Implementation at Phalcon

A diverse workforce with training needs

With a diverse workforce that includes office and field employees with specific training needs, Phalcon had a big ask. They needed a solution that would support the company’s growth and profitability by attracting, retaining, and developing a diverse workforce. This would allow them to place their employees in the critical positions that best fit their developing talents.

Phalcon’s needs from an LMS were:

  1. Deliver onboarding and safety training to their field workforce, while catering to learners with varying levels of technological know-how.
  2. Nurture talent development and skills enhancement for their professional and management employees. This applies to both early career and experienced employees while using the latest training technologies.
  3. Train a fluctuating workforce. Due to the nature of Phalcon’s industry, their workforce can range from 1,500 to 2,000 craft labor employees and over 350 office-based employees at any one time.

With this list in hand, Phalcon’s management team spent time identifying what they hoped to achieve, what training they needed to deliver and how best to deliver it. They decided they needed an LMS that would:

  • Allow them to host a variety of training programs and resources
  • Provide assessment capabilities such as exams and quizzes
  • Deliver course content to office employees and a fluctuating field workforce
  • Allow for delivery of content to third-party customers and users

An LMS that supports multiple training tracks

After evaluating several LMS platforms, Phalcon knew LearnUpon was their number one choice.

They were impressed with the easy to use platform and high-level of customer support they received. They could rely on their Account Manager and Customer Success Manager to guide them. Any questions they had, they felt LearnUpon was listening.

Importantly, LearnUpon’s multi-portal functionality allowed them to intuitively organize and segregate their training for different types of employees in child portals. This led to them establishing two training tracks; Phalcon Training managed their frontline workforce training needs, while Phalcon Learning managed their office-based workforce training and talent development.

To ensure the smoothest rollout possible Phalcon took advantage of LearnUpon’s user roles. They assigned key representatives from each of their operating companies as Administrators in the child portals, with each one solely managing the learners and enrollments for their respective operating company.

Capitalizing on the LMS for the benefit of the organization

Phalcon is now delivering onboarding and several additional training courses to their workforce, and they’re enjoying the success of implementing an LMS! Their courses have strong participation rates. One landmark course is achieving an impressive 90% engagement rate!



engagement rate achieved by landmark course


successful learning tracks launched

Training results data identifies workforce knowledge gaps

LearnUpon not only helped them train, the platform also gave them the opportunity to gain valuable insights. Training results data helped identify knowledge weakness areas enabling a focus for future training needs:

“What was great about having the LMS is we probably would not have guessed the question people were struggling with because it’s the most basic thing. Now, we’re aware of it and know exactly how to enhance employees’ knowledge base on this topic.”

Einat Dorobantu

Director of Strategy and Implementation at Phalcon

After such an impressive start, it’s only the beginning for Phalcon. In the coming years, Phalcon plans to refine and improve their training material and delivery, with the help of LearnUpon, to prepare and develop their employees for continued growth and business success.