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How Netskope fuels hyper-growth by training 10,000+ learners with LearnUpon

Netskope LearnUpon


employees, partners, and customers trained annually


distinct audiences serviced through a single training academy


Growth of the Netskope Academy training team in 2 years

Netskope is a business redefining cloud, network, and data security. Providing unrivaled visibility, real-time data, and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps, it’s a leader in SASE. Plus, it’s the only provider to include a cloud access security broker, a secure web gateway, and zero trust network access in a single platform.

As a hyper-growth company with an evolving product suite, the Netskope team knows that formalized training is the key to long-term employee, partner and customer success. To ensure this success, the business needed a scalable, built-for-purpose solution to deliver that training.

With LearnUpon, Netskope created the Netskope Academy, – a single, powerful training solution for its employees, partners, and customers.

“We’ve experienced exponential growth over the last 2 years using LearnUpon, and we’re now training more than 10,000 people a year.”

Scott Edwards

Director of Netskope Academy at Netskope

Winners at the 2022 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards

In partnership with LearnUpon, Netskope took home a Gold award for Best Advance in Creating an Extended Enterprise Learning Program at the 2022 Brandon Hall Group HCM Excellence Awards.


The challenge: Scaling training for a rapidly growing business

From customers to employees to partners, Netskope is a business that is experiencing fast growth on all fronts,” according to Scott Edwards, Director of Netskope Academy.

Netskope conducted training in the past, but it was informal and the audiences were small. As the company expanded and the product developed, Scott says the business needed to formalize training to show off the growing product platform, reach a broader audience, and ensure the product succeeded with customers.”

Separately, with Netskope’s product offering evolving into an entire platform; the company needed to expand its support, to engage this influx of customers and employees.

To provide this service at speed, Netskope designed a tiered distribution and support model – the Netskope Partner Community. This model required a scalable way to train and enable a partner network. According to Scott, training is the foundation of the Netskope Partner Community: if our partners weren’t trained, they wouldn’t be partners – because our partner program is training.”

The solution: Netskope Academy – A single platform for every training need


With LearnUpon’s highly scalable solution, Scott and his team built Netskope Academy. Covering everything from live product training to practical assessments, to compliance training to complex technical topics, it’s become a one-stop-shop. Every audience can access product-focused training for seamless onboarding, as well as a variety of other content to facilitate ongoing training and development.

“The great thing with portals is that they enable us to shield our learning for different audiences, all from one place. We have separate employee, partner, and customer portals.”

Scott Edwards

Director of Netskope Academy at Netskope

A low-touch, admin-light training ecosystem


With over 10,000 learners, the Netskope team members didn’t want to manually manage account creation, enrollments, and reporting. So, LearnUpon is now the training hub” according to Scott, where an out-of-the-box CRM integration and open API connects data and automates every step. For example, new partner accounts are created in the CRM and updated in LearnUpon – zero manual effort needed.

“We don’t need to create accounts for partners anymore. Our CRM account triggers the creation of a LearnUpon account, and partners log in with Single-Sign On. When courses are completed in the LMS, data is pushed to the CRM, so our account teams can see training activity at the contact level.”
Scott Edwards Netskope

Scott Edwards

Director of Netskope Academy at Netskope

With so many departments and stakeholders invested in Netskope Academy, there’s high-demand on the team members to share up-to-the-minute reports. By connecting LearnUpon to their business intelligence tool, Troy Broas, the Academy’s Senior Systems Administrator, has made it effortless for anyone in the business to view data dashboards through a URL.

“Using the API, we can display any kind of metrics we want and maintain several dashboards for the different portals. Instead of stakeholders constantly asking us to run reports, it’s self-serve. They can do it themselves, in real-time.”

Troy Broas

Senior Systems Administrator at Netskope

Scaled-up training delivered by a scaled-up team


For Scott, Netskope Academy’s success is clear by how in-demand his team is across the company. Having more than doubled to 16 members, the business is looking to them to deliver more ambitious, growth-driving learning, including third-party training through the Academy.

“Less than two years ago, we had a 6 person team. Our hiring is driven by need, and we’ve more than doubled in size. We are trusted with a lot of key business initiatives. We don’t have to look for work, it finds us. Not a day goes by without something new coming our way.”

Scott Edwards

Director of Netskope Academy at Netskope