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Welocalize delivers impactful, accessible training to its global workforce

Welocalize enable brands to reach global audiences by providing  professional translation and localization services.

With offices spread across the United States, Europe, and Asia, the organization prioritize continually educating their growing teams so that they can best support the services and solutions delivered to clients.

Eager to make training accessible for their global employees, they invested in LearnUpon LMS. The platform offers Welocalize a powerful, user-friendly solution that helps them to train at scale.

“We have offices all over the world, and our people are our most important asset. We’re growing fast, adding more and more people to our teams to support the services we're delivering to our clients. Our employees, regardless of where they are, need to receive the right training in an accessible, comprehensive way. LearnUpon’s made that possible.”

Fiona Casserly

HR Business Partner at Welocalize

Training a global workforce

Welocalize is a growing global organization. Every day new people are joining their global teams, and for the brand, it’s essential that employees are highly trained so they meet their clients’ needs.

With a workforce spread across the world needing training in multiple languages and multiple time zones, educating each and every employee is a challenge. The training being delivered must be accessible and user-friendly for all learners as well as efficient and scalable for the HR team.

User-friendly, scalable training

LearnUpon’s LMS offers everything Welocalize needs to comprehensively train their employees in a scalable way. With the right mix of features, support, and a user-friendly platform, the business can now educate employees with demonstrable success.

“Welocalize provides a wide range of courses to our teams. From technical to functional job-based skills - they're all vital in the translation industry. As a HR team, we can maximize our resources to deliver large-scale training in multiple languages, across multiple time zones.”

Fiona Casserly

HR Business Partner at Welocalize

Deliver comprehensive training to a global workforce

Maximize resources to manage large-scale training

Accurate training performance data

Key to the training’s success is how learner-friendly the solution is. Single sign-on (SSO) means that with just a couple of clicks employees are logged on and ready to take their courses.

For the Training and HR team, managing training has never been so efficient. Every employee has access to the training they need, and essentially, it’s all being measured too.

“With reporting we can measure the impact of each of our courses. We can see what’s working, the information is right in front of us. That’s really satisfying. We know we’re providing our employees with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver great solutions to our clients.”

Fiona Casserly

HR Business Partner at Welocalize

For the Welocalize team, LearnUpon has become a central part of the business’s learning and development strategy. It’s enabled the business’s global teams to receive impactful, accessible training so they can continue to deliver excellence to their clients.