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Craneware boosts retention by training 650+ customers in one year

Craneware is a business that keeps customer retention top-of-mind. As a revenue cycle management software provider for the U.S. healthcare industry, the team knows that long-term success depends on one thing – customers continuously engaging with their solution through training. 

Already running on-site sessions, but finding them inconsistent, slow and unscalable, a decision was made: build an innovative online training certification program to enhance the customer experience, and in turn, customer success. 

For this, the Craneware team needed a powerful, user-friendly LMS that would grow with the business. Using LearnUpon, they built a customer training program, which subsequently won a Brandon Hall Group Excellence in Learning Award.

“Despite being live only 6 months, we have seen a remarkable shift in the speed and efficiency of implementations and customer satisfaction.”

Steven Mills,

Director of Learning and Development at Craneware

Engaged customers = renewed customers

Craneware noticed a trend. The more engaged a customer was with the software, the more value they got from it, thus making them more likely to renew. Or, as Steven Mills Director of Learning and Development at Craneware puts it, “engaged customers = renewed customers”.  

In the past, Steve and his team had seen the success of this through on-site training. But, they began to notice cracks in the process – cost-effectiveness, scalability, measurability, efficiency – and a new strategy was needed. 

The team decided to invest in online training, with the main goal being to increase renewals, better engage new customers, and provide the best customer experience for end users. They would start to offer courses on their product to certify customers. And to achieve this, they needed a learning management system.

The Craneware team had certain LMS requirements. It had to be user-friendly, as the business has a unique user pool from different walks of life, that all needed to be able to use the solution. 

Adding to this, was the need for scalability. With over 30,000 customers, Craneware wanted assurance that the solution could provide training to every single member of their audience, at a price model that scales as the business grows.  

Craneware Academy – a different way to train 

After a robust search, Craneware found LearnUpon. Using the LMS, the team quickly launched Craneware Academy, a place that houses, manages, and delivers training and certifications to their growing customer base.

From the initial onboarding process right throughout their Craneware journey, customers are continuously engaged at every stage of the lifecycle through the LMS. For example, to keep customers engaged after implementation, Craneware Academy offers CEUs by applicable accreditation organizations to provide continued education credits to their customers, so they can retain their credentials at no extra cost.

The positive impact of Craneware Academy was seen fast with over 650 customers being certified in under a year.

“It was a huge win for our organization and I hit my training goal in under a year. Our traffic went through the roof! The completion rates and feedback were great; it's really helping the company from a number of business standpoints.”

Steven Mills,

Director of Learning and Development at Craneware

Steven and his team know LearnUpon’s great user-experience has played a crucial role in the training’s success. Features like SSO for effortless login, Gamification to incentivize customers into completing, and the Webex integration for engaging webinars means that training is easy to roll out, and achievable for their customers. 

Data is the most powerful tool

LearnUpon’s Reporting feature has also opened the Craneware team up to a new world of insights. It shows them who’s taking their courses, who’s engaged, who’s certified, and critically, who isn’t.

This data is now their secret weapon. When the Craneware team sees low engagement with training, and in turn with the product, they can use this knowledge to intervene. They can step in, resolve issues and answer questions the customer has to prevent churn.

“We have our Customer Success Team that tracks the dashboards and when somebody dips they reach out and they're proactive. The salespeople are involved too. It's a whole team effort.”

Steven Mills,

Director of Learning and Development at Craneware

This churn prevention means their customer health score – a measurement of customer satisfaction – is firmly in the green, with 94% of customers having a positive experience and more likely to renew. 

For the business’s culture as a whole, Craneware Academy has proven to be a huge game-changer.  What was once done face-to-face has moved online. And onsite visits are now used to show their customers how to impactfully employ the data Craneware provides them, instead of just how to use the product. This ensures they experience the true value Craneware can offer.

“The goal is now to say, 'We're not going to talk about logging in, button-pushing, running reports. We're going to show up and look at your data, see what's going on and set you on a path to success.'”

Steven Mills,

Director of Learning and Development at Craneware

As for Craneware’s future with LearnUpon, the plan is to set up employee training through the platform and automate more of their current training offering, to reduce their admin time. 

All the while, Steve and his team will be expanding and championing Craneware Academy so that it keeps customers engaged, holds satisfaction in the green, and crucially, helps them stay ahead of competitors.

“We have the best people working for us, leading people in our industry hired as employees, and Craneware Academy gives it that prominence to say we're an education power-house in the industry because we're experts. This shifts our image from being just a software company to being true experts in revenue cycle management who specialize in software.”

Steven Mills,

Director of Learning and Development at Craneware