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How Moxa cultivates a global employee learning experience using LearnUpon


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Portals for employees in different regions

Moxa is a leading provider of edge connectivity, industrial computing, and network infrastructure solutions. Headquartered in Taiwan, over the last 35 years, the business has enabled connectivity in more than 82 million devices worldwide – from sub-zero temperatures in Siberian power plants, to generating power in deep-sea oceans off the UK coast, to wireless access points outside of NASA’s International Space Station.

As a progressive global company working in a high-speed industry, Moxa’s team recognized the need for a new learning solution to make sure the company’s global employees can access quality learning anytime anywhere.

Through LearnUpon, Moxa now enables its 1,400+ employees across four continents to continuously learn and grow, so they can face the changing demands of the market.

“The environment is fast-changing and we need to react by learning, improving, and providing our employees with a reliable and effective learning platform that helps to cultivate collective strength as well as sustain our agility as a learning organization.”

Julie Lin (林芝蓉)

Moxa Learning & Development, LMS Global Project leader | Corporate Human Resources Division

The Challenge: How to enable employee-friendly digital  learning for a global workforce

For the Moxa team, they knew innovative learning would enable the business to stay on the cutting edge of their industry and customer demands. But to implement this strategy, they needed to make some changes. 

The company’s existing LMS wasn’t scalable, and couldn’t support essential digital training delivery to Moxa’s global employee base. So Moxa assembled a global, cross-functional project team with one clear objective: develop a learning platform that would enable continuous learning and growth for Moxa’s global employees. 

Task in hand, the team set out the key requirements, including an intuitive interface, reliable network performance (just like Moxa’s product), and diverse functionality. The ability to support mobile learning was the key for Missi Chen and Bernie Chen from Moxa’s IT team. They were looking for a solution that would support “easy, anytime and anywhere mobile learning” which had become an integral part of Moxa’s work due to the impact of the pandemic and the rise in popularity of mobile usage.

The Solution: Four continents, one LMS

With LearnUpon, the Moxa team now has one centralized location to manage and deploy HQ-centric learning across regions, supporting learning on a global scale. Covering everything from mandatory compliance courses and new hire training, to professional development courses, LearnUpon enables the team to support every employee’s learning needs on a global scale.

“We have transformed fifteen years of an existing approach into something brand new. Now we can deploy all HQ-centric programs digitally through LearnUpon, and employees see a curated selection of courses that’s relevant to their needs.”

Julie Lin (林芝蓉)

Moxa Learning & Development, LMS Global Project leader | Corporate Human Resources Division

An interactive employee learning experience

Coming from an older LMS, the Moxa team wanted to create a different learning experience for people that would, in turn, enhance their employee experience. And they’re achieving this by combining LearnUpon’s friendly interface and features, with employee-centric design.

“Before we announced the platform we held an internal naming competition to get people interested and help distinguish between old and new. We have a mascot (“Momo”) that we use to promote training and send notifications, and with LearnUpon’s Gamification feature we reward learners who complete courses so they get badges and move up the levels as they continue on their learning journey.”

Carol WC Chan (詹唯靖)

Moxa Learning & Development Team, LMS Project Digital Lead| Corporate Human Resources Division

For employees, they effortlessly log in through any device – mobile or desktop – with Single Sign-On via Microsoft. Once in, they’re automatically enrolled in a system walkthrough course that appears on their Dashboard, and it’s connected with LearnUpon’s Gamification, so they start earning points and badges straight away. 

This focus on employee-centric experience design is already showing results. The Moxa team is seeing a consistent increase in platform usage and receiving great feedback from employees. 

  • In a six-week “Find the Scholars” promotion campaign, over 48k learning minutes were spent on the platform by 70 Moxa employees, with each accumulating over 200 points and being awarded a “Scholar Badge.”
  • In Course surveys and reviews, employees describe the platform as “clear” and “easy to understand fully at one glance.”


Standardized, efficient, repeatable learning management

Through LearnUpon, Moxa uses a variety of formats to create versatile learning programs that work across every device. Be it custom, interactive SCORM courses in Articulate Rise, live training with LearnUpon’s MS Teams integration , or curated courses through LearnUpon’s partnership with OpenSesame, the team mix and match content types to hold and report on everything in LearnUpon. 

Importantly, the content is standardized and digitized. The Moxa team can prepare digital modules that can be used repetitively; a huge upgrade from the past where, for example, up to ten instructors were needed to train new members of staff. “We’re saving our own operational excellence cost and time by leveraging digital learning for our global programs, and we can ensure consistency and quality of education – that really helps us as an HQ,” says Julie.

Despite the volume of work to migrate over 15 years of training data, the team was able to launch the platform in just over 3 months.

“It was an effort to organize and format data from the old system. But thanks to the (almost) instant, and reliable response from LearnUpon's support team, and the ease of setup of the LMS, getting our learning records into the system was processed more smoothly.”

Ann JA Chen (陳柔安)

Moxa Learning & Development Team, LMS Project Core team| Corporate Human Resources Division

Balancing global-local strategy, content and technology

For Julie and the team, it’s not just about what training they deliver through LearnUpon, but how they deliver it that makes it the perfect solution for them. Using LearnUpon’s Portals, everything is managed from one top HQ Portal (“Moxa College”), with several sub Portals set up and configured differently for each of their target audiences. 

“With Portals, we’re supporting regional learning so our employees receive region-centric training alongside HQ programs. And we can make courses available in the language they need, by uploading multilingual content from OpenSesame’s catalog .”

Julie Lin (林芝蓉)

Moxa Learning & Development, LMS Global Project leader | Corporate Human Resources Division

Additionally, to reinforce the company’s commitment to cultural diversity in the workplace, the team created a distinct brand mascot (“Momo”) for the global HQ that highlights multiculturalism. We looked at different national flags and came up with the idea of merging these together to create a multi-colored flower that our Momo mascot holds,” says Julie.

Up next: World-class learning on a global scale

For Moxa, it’s just the start of a transformation. Having seen the demand for learning grow, the business is looking to the team to continue to deliver on their project goals, including expanding on regional compliance and professional development training needs, and working with functional knowledge owners to renew and align content with Moxa’s organizational goals.