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How Maptek successfully leverages Salesforce with its LMS

Maptek has been at the forefront of innovative mining technology for over 35 years. When its team members decided to start delivering online training to their clients, they knew they needed to partner with a reliable learning management system (LMS) that could host courses for their global audience. They wanted an LMS that could integrate easily with Salesforce CRM, to help track client progress and provide custom reports from customer training data. 

After evaluating several LMS providers, they decided LearnUpon offered everything they needed. Through working with their dedicated Customer Success Manager they’ve experienced tangible results and are expanding the courses they offer to meet their customers’ training needs.

“We chose LearnUpon because it integrates with Salesforce smoothly with minimal internal developer requirements.”

Chris Johnson,

Learning and Development Curriculum Manager, Maptek

Delivering client training online

Maptek wanted a training solution that allowed its customers to view video-based training at a time that was convenient for them. With customers all over the globe, some in remote locations, Maptek’s team members knew they needed a reliable cloud-based LMS that supported use in multiple countries. 

As clients already had access to a Salesforce community, the ability to easily integrate with Salesforce was a key requirement in Maptek’s LMS search. Specifically, the team needed this integration to interface with the existing Salesforce community, and allow them to generate reports on enrollments, course progress, and completions. Having access to this invaluable data within Salesforce would enable them to measure the true success of their customer product training efforts. 

Therefore, a seamless and affordable Salesforce integration limited the choice of suitable LMS providers. Several LMS’s offered varying levels of integration, but most either did not integrate seamlessly or were cost-prohibitive. LearnUpon was the perfect fit for Maptek – it integrated with Salesforce smoothly, requiring minimal assistance from its internal Salesforce development team. In addition to the Salesforce integration, localization and robust control over configuring and branding the learner interface, were features that appealed to them. The team was also impressed with how engaged and responsive the Sales and Customer Support teams were during the trial period.

Set up for success

Thanks to a dedicated Customer Support Manager (CSM), Maptek was up-and-running quickly. The CSM worked with the team to find the best configuration within the LMS, to ensure an intuitive learning workflow for its clients. Using LearnUpon’s Single Sign-On (SSO) feature and Salesforce’s customer community set-up, Maptek customers were able to purchase and access courses with their existing Salesforce login. The team also launched their courses in multiple languages, including Spanish, tailoring training to meet customers’ needs.

LearnUpon continues to work with Maptek to enhance its customers’ learning experience and support them in expanding its product offerings. The Salesforce reports transform easily to dashboards, which are used to communicate data to the global team. Having access to this information also helps the Maptek team members to improve their training programs, further ensuring their customers are getting the best possible learning experience. 

One of the biggest benefits for the team has been having access to LearnUpon’s 24/7 support team, in addition to a dedicated Customer Success Manager. Maptek believes that LearnUpon’s excellent customer service is what makes it stand out from other LMS’s. The team members are continuing to work with their CSM to expand their training programs and maximize the results of their client training.

“I think it's really great that LearnUpon provides us with a dedicated Customer Success Manager so we can talk to a live person and work through any issues and brainstorm solutions. Our CSM was instrumental in helping us get set up. I think that's so important because not all LMSs offer that. LearnUpon really goes the extra mile for their customers.”

Chris Johnson,

Learning and Development Curriculum Manager, Maptek