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TeamViewer’s journey to successfully training its extended enterprise

The ability to train, support, and develop every one of your business’s audiences is the key to maximizing success. 

TeamViewer, the cloud-based technology enabling online remote support and collaboration, is a company that recognizes this. With over 800 team members (and rising), Silke Cleymans, Manager of Global Training and Development, knows the value that a modern, consistent training process has on productivity and retention. 

Using LearnUpon’s user-friendly LMS to deliver employee training, Silke and her team quickly surpassed their targets. And, after seeing the positive impact, they expanded their strategy. By rolling out training to their extended enterprise, TeamViewer aimed to enhance reseller and customer retention and success, all through LearnUpon.

“LearnUpon’s Learning Portals came in really handy. We've created a portal for our employees and our external customers - our resellers and distributors. Then, for our customers, we have TeamViewer Academy, an add-on service. We have a specialized portal just for them.”

Silke Cleymans

Manager Global Training & Development at TeamViewer

Slow-moving, spreadsheet-heavy training

TeamViewer was experiencing a challenge that so many other businesses face – rapid expansion. As the company was growing fast, the way global employees were being trained was no longer fit for purpose. 

Onboarding and product training were classroom-based. Instructors would travel to a location to deliver training, and if that wasn’t possible, someone who didn’t have the necessary expertise would try to pass the knowledge along. 

According to Silke, this caused three big pain points. 

First and most critical was its impact on employees, which included performance, retention, and feedback. Since the training was inconsistent and often restricted by location, not every employee was getting the training they needed or wanted. 

Secondly, the managers weren’t happy. Classroom-based training wasn’t a speedy process. Employees were being dragged away from their desks for between two to four hours. Also, courses had to be held up to twenty times a week as no more than four team members could attend at a time – not the most productive method. 

Finally, managing training was done through Excel and online calendars, a nightmare of a process for Silke and her team. Simple tasks were stymied. What should have taken minutes, like planning a course or tracking attendance, turned into hours, if not days of work. For a fast-growing business like TeamViewer, this process was unsustainable. 

Silke decided it was time for a change. It was time to invest in a learning management system that would enable her to provide a consistent, user-friendly, and efficient way to deliver and manage training.

The move to easy, effortless learning with LearnUpon

After putting solution after solution to the test, TeamViewer chose LearnUpon. The reason? Many of the team members in TeamViewer were new to training technology; going from traditional, classroom-based training was a big leap. Every admin and learner needed to feel confident in using the system. Anyone skeptical of an LMS needed to see how achievable online learning was, and LearnUpon’s simple to use solution fit the bill. 

“I think we sent RFA's out to fourteen different LMSs. Then, we actually started trialing, and LearnUpon was the easiest to use. It was just super-easy.”

Silke Cleymans

Manager of Global Training & Development at TeamViewer

For Silke, this ease of use shined when it came to implementation and roll-out of the first two employee compliance training courses. Within a month of signing up for LearnUpon, TeamViewer had over 800 employees enrolled in two SCORM courses within a branded learning portal. 

Impressively, it only took another 30-days to prove the impact LearnUpon was having, as all but five out of the 800+ enrolled employees completed the training during that time.

Increase in revenue for one product line

Improved engagement and level of knowledge for resellers

Reduction in time spent managing and measuring training

No longer restricted by the classroom, TeamViewer has also expanded the catalog of courses on offer for employees. Now delivering online product training, the courses have boosted product knowledge, and in turn, sales.

“We increased the revenue for one of our product lines. We are seeing that there’s a consistent improvement month over month. It's not just a flash in the pan.”

Silke Cleymans

Manager of Global Training & Development at TeamViewer

To Silke, what makes LearnUpon worth its weight in gold is the sheer amount of time it’s put back in her day. Things like reporting -a task that typically would have taken one to two hours a day to manage – is now fully automated, much to her delight.

“Before it was managers asking ‘has everybody on my team done the training?'. With twenty sessions on the same topic, by the time I’d gone through the admin work of checking if everybody had done the course, it was crazy. With LearnUpon, there are automated reports that do that. We send out reports to all the managers and I don't have to manually go through looking to see if Team A, B, C has got full compliance on this training.”

Silke Cleymans

Manager of Global Training & Development at TeamViewer

With employee training successfully powering ahead, TeamViewer now sees a bigger opportunity with LearnUpon – training the extended enterprise. Taking advantage of Learning Portals, the team has created unique learning environments for the business’s resellers and customers. 

For resellers and distributors, they learn about TeamViewer and the product base. And just like before, the positive results were clear from the start.

“You can definitely see an improvement in engagement and level of knowledge for the resellers. They also seem to have gone through a huge systematic change.”

Silke Cleymans

Manager of Global Training & Development at TeamViewer

Next, the plan is to implement their customer education strategy – TeamViewer Academy. It’s an add-on service where customers can purchase courses to help them get set up. It’s another string to TeamViewer’s training bow that will contribute to the business’s impressive growth and continued success.