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90% Engagement rate and positive feedback from PGMOL referees


Engagement rate in the first week of launch


completion rate within 48 hours of launching

Professional Game Match Officials Limited (PGMOL) went from having no LMS to offering match officials access to learning and development content on any device, no matter where they are located in the UK.

Match officials have positively embraced the opportunity for online learning and their high level of engagement is positively impacting preparation for future matches in the Premier League, EFL and FA Cup.

“We’ve seen tangible benefits of the match official taking the learning onboard at a time which is convenient for them and then implementing it as soon as possible for the benefit of the game. That was a real positive for us.”

James Mainwaring

Internal Communications Executive

Delivering the right training just in time

PGMOL provide training and communication updates to nearly 600 match officials, observers, and key stakeholders. Before they had an LMS, a dedicated online learning platform wasn’t a feature of their learning and development.

The introduction of the LMS allows for content to be available online and accessible, with flexible opportunity for engagement and learning. The ability to get reports on activity within the system provides a systematic way of monitoring – a big benefit of the LMS.

PGMOL has a diverse community of learners. It’s important to provide a variety of opportunities for engagement with learning.

When reviewing how and when their learners needed access to courses, they recognized that flexibility was critical. As training completion is voluntary, they needed to make it as easy as possible for match officials and key stakeholders to access training when needed.

“Flexibility of access to learning was key to us.  We wanted them to be able to access learning on a train, plane, in their hotel room, at a time that was convenient to them where they could dedicate themselves to taking the key points onboard.”

James Mainwaring

Internal Communications Executive

Approximately 90% of PGMOL’s courses comprise of video footage from recent matches. This video content allows match incidents to be used to share good practice, as well as providing clips for clarification or development.

LearnUpon supported easy access to this content thanks to HTML5. It allowed video and audio to render directly in the browser, so training can be completed efficiently on any mobile or tablet device. Match officials can learn from what’s happened in previous games from the video and it delivers an interactive learning experience. One that builds continuously on best practice and key skills for each learner.


Quick to launch

PGMOL needed an LMS that was quick to launch. They wanted to see the results of their training programme straight away.

Their admins needed a UI that was simple, clean and easy to build engaging courses, with the ability to drag, drop and upload content being a key LearnUpon feature. They could start to build their programme within one week of first accessing the platform and launch their first courses.


Instant, tangible results

PGMOL have been overwhelmed by the response.

They achieved a 90% engagement rate in the first week of launch. And they learned their audience has a massive appetite for the information and knowledge they’re gaining. The uptake of new courses is really strong.

One of their courses achieved a 33% completion rate within 48 hours of launching. As a result, the game is benefitting from this learning almost instantly as match officials implement the knowledge they’ve gained from completing courses on the field of play.

Post-course feedback collected through reviews has also been overwhelmingly positive too. Match officials want to know where and when they can access more courses.

The true beauty of this positive experience plays out when match officials discuss the courses they’ve completed with their peers at weekend games results in further interest in PGMOL’s training efforts. And that’s a big win for them.