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Deliver training that makes an impact

Build a formal or informal learner experience that matches the way your organization handles training, with built-in assessment functionality and features for learners to manage their own training.

Confidently assess learners

Make your learning programs as informal and self-service, or as structured and mandated as you need. Simplify the training experience for learners and reinforce essential points with exams, assignments, and knowledge checks using built-in LearnUpon features.

Feedback loops for learners and admins

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Choose from multiple question styles, including autocorrected questions. Set exam times, passing scores, and number of attempts.

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Learners can type their answers directly in the LMS or upload a file. Review these responses and leave feedback, with automated learner notifications.

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Knowledge checks

Regularly assess learner knowledge throughout Course content, with questions scattered throughout modules.

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Surveys and reviews

Improve your programs with learner feedback, using detailed surveys and public Course ratings and reviews.

Use Learning Paths to build structured training programs

Link courses together: define a specific sequence, or let the learner choose the order of completion. Add guardrails, like criteria for progression, and timeframes for completion.

Make learning mandatory or self-serve (or both)

Give your learners the option to browse the course catalog and self-enroll, or keep training mandatory with automated enrollments based on user groups.

Enroll thousands of learners quickly and easily

Using automated workflows and robust integrations, you have the power to scale the enrollment process through one centralized system.

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Give learners everything they need in one location

Learners can be more autonomous, with access to their training activities
and history, as well as the ability to self-enroll and
browse extra content resources.

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Learners can view their enrolled and completed courses at a glance, including their progress in each.

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Training history

With full access to training history, including completions and certificates, learners are more autonomous.

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Offer a range of elective, relevant Courses that learners can browse and self-enroll at their own leisure.

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Create a resource center of reference documents that never expire, for learners to view and download as they need them.

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AI-Powered Learning

Everything you need, all in one LMS

LearnUpon is built with the features you need to deliver fast, efficient training through one intuitive platform.

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