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Bringing insights and knowledge from the best and brightest minds across the learning industry.

L Leadership

Hear from industry innovators and leaders on how to push the boundaries and strengthen the impact of learning on your business.

Learning in the Age of Immediacy

Brandon Carson, Director of Learning at Delta Air Lines, shares how the digital age is impacting training.

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Salesforce: Trailblazers in Customer Education

Heather Conklin, SVP & GM Trailhead, Salesforce, shares how they became the leader in customer education.

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Digital Transformation IS Your L&D Strategy

Christopher Lind, Head of Digital Learning at GE Healthcare, on how to future-proof your learning programs

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Learning Culture with the CLO of McDonald’s

Rob Lauber, McDonald’s CLO, shares how to build a global training strategy that sets the industry standard

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Remote Learning with the CLO of NASA

NASA’s CLO, Dr. Karen L. Gilliam, shares how they’ve built a learning culture that skyrockets success.

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P Practical

Discover new practices to support ambitious learning initiatives to help your organization reach new heights.

The Learner Engagement Playbook

Naphtali Bryant shares 7 key plays every organization should make to drive learning success.

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Marketing Techniques for Your Learning Programs

Bianca Baumann, Senior Learning Strategist and Author, shares how to improve learner engagement.

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Designing eLearning that Gets Results

Tim Slade, Instructional Designer, shares how to create engaging, goal-focused learning experiences.

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Power Efficiency in Your Training Team

Emily Wood, Learning Designer, offers a masterclass in training project management.

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Assessing the Potential Value of Your Programs

Dr. Jack J. Phillips, ROI Institute Chairman, shares how to accurately measure corporate training ROI.

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I Inspire

Insights and knowledge from speakers outside of eLearning to inspire you to think creatively and find new ways to maximize the impact of your learning programs.

Exploring Performance Potential

Mark Pollock shares how the competitor’s mindset can help you pursue success.

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The Unsung Heroes of Learning

Brittany Wagner, breakout star of ‘Last Chance U’, shares how L&D can thrive as an “unsung hero”.

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