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eBooks that help you master corporate learning

Champion learning and excel at training with knowledge from the LearnUpon experts

Build an Employee Onboarding Program with an LMS

Better onboarding = productive, happy employees. Learn how to deliver successful onboarding with an LMS.

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The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Member Training

Learn how to develop and optimize a member training strategy to increase member growth and retention.

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The State of Learning Report

Get industry insights and actionable tips you can put into practice to increase your learning strategy.

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The Ultimate LMS Buyer’s Guide

Your LMS journey starts here. Discover how to invest in a solution to help your company reach its goals.

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The State of L&D: 2022 Training Trends

Discover if your challenges, priorities and solutions match up with other learning leaders.

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The Rules of Learning Engagement: Formula for Success

Stop low engagement from hampering your learning strategy with the 5-step engagement formula.

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The Return on Investment of Training: A Complete Guide

Start accurately measuring the most powerful metric in your training arsenal - return on investment.

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How to Set Up a Customer University

The secret to supercharging success? A customer university. Learn how to build one with this guide.

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