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LearnUpon works with your favorite tools

Make your tools work better together by integrating the software you already use with LearnUpon, via a range of pre-built integrations or LearnUpon’s robust API.


Deliver blended learning experiences directly within LearnUpon
using a range of webinar tools.


Create a two-way flow of information: automate tasks between systems, and display all account and training data in one place.


Connect LearnUpon’s LMS with the ability to curate and crowd-source videos, articles, books and podcasts, and track and develop the skills of your people.

Automation tools

Automate repetitive tasks between LearnUpon and other systems, without relying on the need for technical resources.

Payment and eCommerce

Process payments and instantly grant buyers access to LearnUpon.

Build a custom app integration with the LearnUpon API

With a significant number of endpoints available, you can create and add users to groups, enroll users in courses, and send course completion data back to your third party system. These endpoints are fully documented in LearnUpon’s online API guide.

Use Webhooks to update apps with real-time events from LearnUpon

Automatically push real-time events from LearnUpon to update your essential apps, with a growing range of webhook options like Course and Learning Path completions and updates, and Exam and Survey submissions. Webhooks are documented in LearnUpon’s online Webhook guide.

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LearnUpon is carefully built with the features you need to deliver the
best experience for your team and your learners.
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Everything you need, all in one LMS

LearnUpon is built with the features you need to deliver fast, efficient training through one intuitive platform.

For more, see the LearnUpon product overview.

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