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HydroPoint reduced costs by training distributors through LearnUpon

HydroPoint is a smart water management company with a strong focus on end-user success. An industry leader, its WeatherTRAK® and Baseline® product lines help some of the biggest companies in the U.S. maximize water savings, reduce operating costs, minimize business risks, and achieve sustainability goals.

To deliver the best user experience, HydroPoint wanted to transform the in-person training it was delivering to its multiple distributor and contractor audiences. The organization needed a learning management system that would help them deliver online training quickly and easily, at scale.

Using LearnUpon’s powerful multi-portal functionality and simple-to-use platform, HydroPoint successfully implemented a cost-effective training strategy that could serve its distinct audiences.

“With face-to-face training, users had to travel to our headquarters, pay for their hotel, and then HydroPoint covered everything else. Now, our training costs are way down, and not just for us, our distributors and contractors also don't have to travel to learn how to use our products. In terms of what they can do now with the training being online, versus how it worked before, it doesn’t even compare. It's 20 times the experience at one-twentieth of the cost.”

Nick Toyn

Vice President support, HydroPoint

A training process that wasn’t scalable

HyrdoPoint were delivering training to two of their product lines, Baseline and WeatherTRAK. The end goal was to make sure the integrated solution would enable both distributors and contractors to be educated on both product lines. And each product line it’s own, separate training strategy.

Baseline was doing in-person training. However, with limited resources and distributors needing to travel to its facility, it was expensive on both sides, which restricted the amount of training it could offer. In-person training was also difficult to accurately track.

“Our training records were basically the paper sign-in sheets. If we wanted to know whether a distributor or user was trained on a particular product, we would have to manually go through them and we’d be lucky if we ever found them.”

Dan Conger

Training Manager, Baseline

The training process was simply too manual and challenging to scale.

The WeatherTRAK product line offered training through webinars. These one-hour chunks could be scheduled quickly, but weren’t fast enough for their audience. And again, it wasn’t as scalable as the company wanted.

To effectively train its distributors and contractors, HydroPoint focused its efforts on finding a solution to enable them to deliver courses online.

With the Baseline and WeatherTRAK product lines each having distinct audiences and unique training needs, it was essential to have a single learning management system that would support separate, branded learning environments.

It also had to be easy to use for both admins and learners. Admins had to be able to manage larger numbers of courses and learners. And the system had to accurately track all of the training as HydroPoint ramped up its training programs.

Learners needed an accessible, user-friendly solution that walked them through the training they needed to complete, while also presenting additional related courses to further develop their product knowledge.

Multiple audiences, one LMS

HydroPoint found LearnUpon’s LMS to be the perfect fit, enabling them to efficiently scale their training.

Importantly, the platform enabled the organization to train a larger audience online in an efficient way. And, for HydroPoint, that can’t be understated. Every distributor and consultant trained has a direct impact on its sales and end-user satisfaction.

With LearnUpon’s multi-portal feature, HydroPoint built unique learning environments within the one LMS. It enabled their teams to easily and reliably deliver tailored courses to different audiences.

The WeatherTRAK and Baseline product lines can now give new users instant access to online, on-demand training. From an administrative perspective, LearnUpon has made training management more efficient.

“LearnUpon gives me the advantage of training reliability. As soon as anyone needs training, we immediately get them into the LMS. There is no lag in the training and, as a result, no barrier to customer success.”

Ben Coffey

Product Specialist and Training Manager for HydroPoint

Increased the number of learners being trained

Maintained high standards with automated certification

Reduced barriers to end customer success

Certifying contractors empowers the WeatherTRAK side of the business to ensure it’s meeting the company’s high standards while also providing customers with insight into whether its staff is keeping up with training. The process is entirely automated so it’s effortless and offers peace of mind for the admins.

“I love the ability to give our end users a standard by which they can filter their contractors. We let them track their contractors through our certification process, so they can see that they watched our training content, and that they’ve taken and passed the test.”

Dan Conger

Training Manager, Baseline

A key factor for the HydroPoint team is that every single piece of training is measurable. The business is always aware of who has completed training and who hasn’t, who is certified and who isn’t. This helps them identify skills gaps and develop a plan of action to fill them.

For HydroPoint, this is just the beginning. As they expand their content offerings through LearnUpon, they predict that even more learners will use the platform, which will result in more success for their end users.