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How SmartBear supports its customers’ success

SmartBear is a leading technology company that delivers tools for application performance monitoring, software development, software testing, and API management.

With a fast growing customer base, the business wanted to improve product knowledge and provide better onboarding and retention, in a scalable way. To reach this goal, they wanted to invest in a new learning management system so they could effectively roll out, manage and track customer training.

LearnUpon has proven to be the perfect solution for them, delivering actionable results for SmartBear and their customers.

“What stands out with LearnUpon is how easy it was to get it up and running. All of the documentation that we received was straightforward. It was a pretty seamless experience. That was a really positive thing. We were able to stay on a timeline, get stuff done and their team was readily available too.”

Dana Alvarenga

Customer Success Education & Advocacy Manager, SmartBear

The need to support customer success

SmartBear is a software company that takes customer success seriously.

For the past few years, they’ve been providing a limited number of paid courses to customers on technical, computer-based training through an LMS. A strategy they’ve found incredibly valuable for both the business and their customers.

However, managing this training was an arduous process. They had to manually add every single customer who purchased a course into their LMS.

They also wanted to reach more customers globally and enhance customer success. But, they quickly discovered that the LMS they were using didn’t have the capability they needed to reach their training goals.

SmartBear decided to develop free customer training courses that would increase product knowledge, help with onboarding, and boost retention. To achieve this, they needed to invest in a modern, user-friendly learning management system that would make training seamless for both admins and their customers, and would help them do all of this at scale.


customers accessing training


of customers rated courses 5/5

Fully automated training delivery

A scalable way to build customer relationships

Powered by LearnUpon’s LMS, SmartBear built ‘SmartBear Academy: The Online Learning Portal’. Currently, training over 550 global customers and delivering 28 free and 5 paid courses, it’s helping them to increase product knowledge, adoption, and retention.

For the team, building the learning portal was simple. Using SCORM files, and manually adding content such as videos and certification exams they were able to seamlessly create courses in LearnUpon. The portal was customized too. Their logo and company colors were added to the LMS, creating an extension of their brand and an identifiable training environment for their learners.

Vitally, LearnUpon proved to be easy to use for both the Customer Success team and their customers. The UI was user-friendly and the Catalog feature allowed them to pick and choose what courses they wanted to offer.

“The UI was a big push along with the functionality of the catalog. The fact we could house all of our free training and then hide the paid training was great.”

Dana Alvarenga

Customer Success Education & Advocacy Manager, SmartBear

One of the big draws was the creation of new learners. Now, when a customer buys a course, they automatically become a user in the LMS. There’s no manual task to be done – a big time saver for their administrators.

“The capability of the API was a great benefit. When a customer purchases from our shopping cart on, they then get logged in and a profile is automatically created for the paid training that they’ve just bought.”

Dana Alvarenga

Customer Success Education & Advocacy Manager, SmartBear

For SmartBear, delivering training has helped build relationships with global customers, especially as the business grows. With more and more customers using their services, they can provide an educational touchpoint that enables them to effectively scale customer success.

“We’re creating onboarding decks and setting milestones for customers to achieve within their first 30-days. We need to make sure customers get onboarded successfully and LearnUpon enables us to provide customers with the option of an automated onboarding experience.”

Dana Alvarenga

Customer Success Education & Advocacy Manager, SmartBear

One extra, unexpected benefit for SmartBear is the creation of a new communication channel between them and their customers. Customers are rating the courses being provided in LearnUpon and the company appreciates this added way of capturing feedback.

“We never really get feedback from our customers outside of the NPS promoter score. But now we’re getting 67% of them rating our courses at 5 stars, which is cool!””

Dana Alvarenga

Customer Success Education & Advocacy Manager, SmartBear

Customer training is just the first step in SmartBear’s learning strategy. They’re underway developing training for their partners and aim to incorporate employee training in the future too.

It’s all going to be made possible using multi-portals within one single, solution – LearnUpon.

“We wanted a platform that would work for all facets of the company. Internal training for employees, external training for customers and on the partner side too. The fact we can do all of this at the same time and we don’t have to buy additional licenses for users to log in means multi-portals are an invaluable feature for us.”

Dana Alvarenga

Customer Success Education & Advocacy Manager, SmartBear