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LearnUpon’s extended enterprise LMS empowers your business to train its entire ecosystem – employees, partners, members, and customers – all with one centralized solution.

LearnUpon for

Extended Enterprise


Shape a culture where learning and development power retention, productivity, compliance, and growth.


Unlock value fast through onboarding and product training so your customers stick around for the long-term.


Educate and certify every partner on your business to turn them into savvy sellers that drive real revenue.


Make your association stand out and grow by providing invaluable training that attracts and retains members.



Train smarter, not harder

Ramp up your training efforts by managing and delivering learning online to thousands of people in your business ecosystem, in a streamlined, automated way.

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employees, partners, and customers trained annually - Read story
one hub

One hub

Share the load

Avoid the heavy lift (and cost) of managing multiple solutions for multiple audiences; with our portals, LearnUpon is tailor-made for your teams to use together.

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  • autolearn portal


Unique experiences for your unique audiences

From branding to features and users to course content, have the flexibility to make an environment that’s customized for each of your audiences.

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“The great thing with portals is that they enable us to shield our learning for different audiences, all from one place. We have separate employee, partner, and customer portals.”
scott edwards netskope

Scott Edwards,

Director of Netskope Academy at Netskope

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Match learning to impact

No matter who you’re training, have powerful learning data at your fingertips so you can track its impact on your business’s bottom line.

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Connect your tools

Automate your work, share data, and unlock seamless user access by integrating LearnUpon with your most-used apps.

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LearnUpon's Extended Enterprise FAQs

What is an extended enterprise LMS?

An extended enterprise LMS (learning management system) is purpose-built for organizations looking to expand beyond employee training and deliver learning to external audiences, including channel partners, customers, distributors, resellers, and franchisees.

What are the advantages of using an LMS for training the extended enterprise?

Instead of having multiple systems that make training siloed and manual, you can use an LMS to execute your training strategy, delivering extended enterprise learning through one centralized solution.

What are the benefits of a multi-tenant LMS like LearnUpon?

LearnUpon is a multi-tenant LMS that enables your organization to develop individual branded learning experiences with Learning Portals. Like having multiple LMSs controlled in one place, you can deliver different content to distinct audiences with ease, and manage content at scale with the ability to copy, edit, and share courses between Portals. Additionally, multi-tenancy support reduces costs because your organization only purchases one LMS license.

How is my data secured?

LearnUpon delivers enterprise-grade platform security at every layer, leveraging industry-leading security and privacy capabilities to provide a reliable and safe environment for customers and learners, including SOC 2, ISO 27001:2013 and more. All communications with our product and APIs are encrypted using HTTPS/TLSv1.2 or above. Your data is stored on encrypted volumes, with sensitive data additionally encrypted at rest. Using LearnUpon’s multi-tenancy Portals feature, you can place each training audience into a dedicated, secure Portal, ensuring each tenant’s data is completely isolated and private.

Can an LMS help us scale and grow into the future?

As an enterprise learning platform, LearnUpon will allow your organization to scale its approach to train large numbers of users, and expand to more types of training, like customer training and partner training, when you need to.

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