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Moodle vs. LearnUpon Cloud LMS – How to Choose?

Choosing between an open source and cloud-based learning management system is one of the most important eLearning decisions many organizations face. At LearnUpon, we often hear from businesses that chose Moodle as their first LMS, only to find that it wasn’t the right fit. Moodle can be a good option in some learning and training environments. But despite its low cost and flexibility, Moodle’s not the best learning platform for every organization.

Moodle’s weaknesses even make it a potentially costly choice for those with conflicting needs and requirements. If you’re thinking about switching from Moodle to a cloud LMS, this list of the pros and cons of both options will help you to make the right decision.

Moodle – or Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment – is used mostly in education settings, chosen by thousands of schools, colleges and universities to deliver online courses to students. Decision makers from other areas are sometimes attracted to Moodle when they hear that it’s free (which it kind of is) and can be openly customized (if you have the resources). But with these benefits come serious downsides that prove costly for businesses.

Companies should be skeptical of the value of a “free” learning platform and aware of the costs accrued by the resources needed to maintain, update and support any eLearning system.

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If you’ve experienced these issues and are considering switching from Moodle, there are a few factors you must assess. By focusing on the nature of your organization’s training needs, you’ll be equipped to choose the best solution for your admins and learners.

Moodle v. cloud-based LMS: how to choose

NeedMoodleLearnUpon’s cloud LMS
Do you have a budget for an LMS? No Yes
Does your team include a Moodle expert? Yes No
Do you have a dedicated Moodle resource? Yes No
Would you benefit from quick and easy set up? No Yes
Could you use free 24/7 technical support? No Yes
Do you want a simple interface admins and learners enjoy using? No Yes
Are your admins and learners highly technical? Yes No
Do you want to constantly customize your LMS? Yes No
Do you need to easily manage groups of users and learners? No Yes

20 organizations moved from Moodle to LearnUpon’s cloud based LMS after answering these questions.

LearnUpon is the best fit for your organization if:

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Moodle might be a good eLearning system for your organization if:

Neither an open source nor a cloud learning management system is the right fit for every organization. If you’re still struggling to decide, think about where most of your needs fit with the strengths and weaknesses above. A clear sense of how things like budget and support matter to you should make your decision a little easier.




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