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How to Create Employee Training Videos

Video is a perfect medium for training. Employee training videos are an engaging way to educate your staff. And creating and distributing an employee training video is also easier than ever. In this post, we explain why you should add videos to your training, and more importantly, how to do it!

Why is video training so effective?

Video-based eLearning has been proven to be an effective training tool. Learners respond extremely well to video modules in their courses because:

Choosing between off-the-shelf videos or creating your own

The first decision you need to make is to purchase off-the-shelf training videos or create your own. It's a difficult decision to make as off-the-shelf content has the allure of involving less work. But before you purchase you should check that the training videos aren’t overly generic, the information they contain is current, and they’re worth the price tag. 

Alternatively, it’s easy to produce great video content without needing expensive filming and editing equipment. Creating your own video content ensures its tailored to your situation, meets your organization’s training objectives and the information is accurate. 

Producing your own video content enables you to make it more personal as you decide who will appear in the video, what topic will be covered, and where it will be filmed. Training videos that feature one of your employees or CEO guiding the learner through a process deliver a more impactful learning experience versus a generic off-the-shelf video.

How to easily create training videos

You can create your own simple training videos without a lot of effort. Let’s get into the practical steps you need to take to make a training video from scratch.

Equipment needed to create employee training videos

To get started you’ll need:

Everyone has a cell phone or laptop with a camera built into it. And if you’re using screen capture software you won’t even need a camera. 

Poor quality audio is far more distracting than poor quality visuals so focus more on the quality of your audio first. Getting an inexpensive lapel microphone greatly improves the quality of your your video sound. 

For more advanced visuals you’ll need to invest in some extra equipment. In our “subject speaking at a camera” example in the next section, I used a DSLR camera. This allowed to blur out the sales team behind me and used a lapel microphone to make sure their conversations weren’t picked up.

How to film a training video

Next, you need to decide on your video presentation style. There is no category at the Oscars for best business training video! Don’t waste your time on high-end production, intricate editing, and interesting angles. Be practical and focus on the most important factor - the content. 

Choose from the following presentation options:



Your choice should be driven by the content itself. Choose the format that fits best with the information you want to communicate. For example, if you want to show how a software product works, use screen capture to focus the viewer’s attention on the software. If you need to explain a specific topic to the viewer then a video featuring the trainer or your CEO speaking to the camera will be most effective. Or use a combination of these styles to create an engaging and effective videos.

Training video software options

There are plenty of tools available that make screen capture a breeze. Soapbox (Wistia), Camtasia and Screencast-o-matic are all good, light-weight options that are perfect for beginners.  

employee training videos

Once you have captured your video you’ll need to edit it to deliver a streamlined experience for the viewer. Make sure you remove any dead air and awkward pauses. Try out Camtasia Studio for a robust screen capture tool that also packs a punch in terms of editing options. It’s simple to use so you can't go wrong!  

If you need a more feature-rich editing tool, try Adobe Premiere (pro level editing), iMovie (free), or Final Cut Pro X.

Placing videos into your eLearning courses

Once you have created your videos you have two options to choose from to get them into your eLearning courses:

  1. Upload the video file in your LMS (e.g. mp4)
  2. Embed the video in the course (if you have already uploaded the video to a hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo)

You can even embed other videos from sites like YouTube to build out your training courses. Adding TED talks or explainer videos works well and makes training engaging for the modern learner. 

When the learner gets to the video section of a course, they’ll hit play and enjoy the content being streamed through their browser. Which leads us to one of the most commonly asked questions about employee training videos...

How to stop employees skipping through videos

If you've spent time carefully crafting video content for your learners, the last thing you want is for them to skip through the video without viewing it. If a learner is interrupted in the middle of a video they shouldn’t have to start at the beginning when they resume their course either. 

This is where an important LMS feature, video tracking, comes in. This feature tracks the progress that a learner makes in their course and bookmarks it for them. They will not be able to skip forward in the video, and the video will pause if the learner navigates to a new browser window. If they return to the video later it picks up from exactly where they left off.  

You can even set a minimum % that they have to watch. If you choose to set the percentage to be viewed at 100%, the learners who take your course then need to view the full video before they progress to the next module. You have full confidence that your employees are taking the course exactly how you designed.

Create an employee training video today

Videos are an effective and easy to create course format for employee training. 

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