4 Benefits of Integrating Zoom with your LMS

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4 Benefits of Integrating Zoom with your LMS

Webinars are one of our favorite ways to deliver training at LearnUpon. They make it easy and engaging for you to instruct and help learners to visualize the training topic. They also offer a more personal and direct way to train your audience online.

With webinars being such a powerful way to train, it’s fundamental that your webinar tool integrates with your LMS to make the process of delivering them much simpler, like Zoom and LearnUpon. By using LearnUpon’s integration your organization can easily connect these two systems to streamline training webinars.

Why should you integrate your LMS with Zoom?

If you already run training webinars for your employees or customers through Zoom and your LMS without an integration, then you understand how manual this process can be. However, by integrating the platforms, you can:

1. Save time by scheduling a session in one platform

Without an integration between your two platforms, you have to go into each one and set up the session – twice the amount of work you should have to do and there’s an increased chance of human error. By connecting Zoom to your LMS, you can by-pass having to set up the session in Zoom.

In your LMS, you can create the webinar sessions and add all the details. Then this information is automatically created in your Zoom account too, reducing the amount of admin work you have to do.

2. Automatically notify your learners when enrolled

Once you’ve created the session in the LMS, it’s published and your learners are enrolled, it’s important that your learners are notified that they have a webinar to attend. Once again, the LMS does all the work so you don’t have to.

First, the session is placed on their dashboard, ready for them to see. Then, each learner is sent notification emails before the event with the information they need to know to ensure they don’t miss it. And, if they choose, they can save the event to their personal calendar via the email as an extra reminder of the upcoming session.

3. Record all data in a single system

The real pain point of running a Zoom webinar without integrating with your LMS is data tracking. If your learners are enrolled in the webinar session in your LMS, but the attendance is recorded in Zoom, it’s up to you to cross-reference them. This makes for a manual, time-consuming task.

The integration enables you to bypass this laborious step as all the attendance data in Zoom is passed back to the LMS. All you have to do is log in to your LMS, and each learner’s training information is there – no manual work needed from you.

4. Easy to set up

Integrating Zoom with an LMS has its benefits, but they all go out the window if the integration itself is a complex undertaking. Luckily, with LearnUpon’s LMS, connecting to Zoom is simple. There’s no need for a developer. In fact, in just a few clicks, an admin can easily do it by themselves.

If you’re a LearnUpon admin, all you have to do is go to the “settings” and “integrations” section. There you will see the “Zoom” integrate button. Click it, follow the instructions (it’s only a couple of steps), and you’re done.

Why you should integrate your LMS with Zoom?

Connect Zoom today

If you’re a Zoom user or planning on running webinars as part of your online training, try out the integration with LearnUpon. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it will save you a lot of manual effort. Reach out to our team if you’ve any questions, or if you’re already a LearnUpon customer contact your Customer Success Manager, to find out more about how connecting these two systems will help you.

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