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8 Tips to Nurture a Good Learning Culture for your Business

Every organization has its own learning culture - a set of values, beliefs, and practices on how your organization learns. However, just because you have one doesn’t mean it’s good!

The truth is, most businesses don’t place learning as a top priority and it can fall by the wayside. A learning culture needs to be nurtured so that its benefits to your organization can be felt.

To help, here’s a quick explainer about why a good learning culture is vital, as well as easy to implement tips so that you can foster a healthy learning culture of your own.

The Value of Good Learning Culture

A good learning culture has many benefits for your organization, your employees and your customers - too many to list here in fact! Here are just a few of the impressive gains:

How to Build a Strong Learning Culture

Now that you know the pros, here’s the steps you can take to help your organization's learning culture grow:

  1. Perform a learning strategy audit: Before you start, it’s important to take stock of how your organization currently deals with learning. Pinpoint and analyze what you are doing, acknowledge any gaps and failures that might be occurring. Then, you can start to plan what learning culture you want, what's it’s purpose and the steps you will take to achieve it.
  2. An employee survey: One simple, yet underused way to improve your learning culture is to ask your employees themselves. Setting up a quick survey (you can do this through your LMS!) asking your employees for their opinions, ideas for improvement and feedback on what your organization is currently doing is a surefire way to get bountiful information that will foster your learning culture
  3. Capture employees from the off: Onboarding new staff is the perfect time to nurture your learning culture and set an example of what is expected from them in the future. Demonstrate this by organizing an education day,  workshops with their teammates, sit-ins with other teams and onboarding courses through your learning management system.
  4. Make it on-demand: Empower employees to learn what they want, when they want - so that they are in control. This can easily be done with an LMS (like LearnUpon) as your employees can use the device of their choice. They can use their phone on the bus to work or on their computer at their desk and choose courses to learn at their own pace.
  5. Mix old school with new school: Blended learning is an effective way to get employees excited about expanding their knowledge. Through classroom meetings and demonstrations they can communicate and interact with instructors socially. While with digital learning, they can be flexible with what and when they learn.
  6. Make a habit of knowledge-sharing: Whether it’s popping an interesting customer insight into the company’s Slack channel or having a monthly meeting about what each team has learned, making knowledge sharing part of the routine will ingrain the idea of learning into your organization. At LearnUpon, we’re big fans of doing this. We have a very active Slack channel called #lifehacks where employees share tidbits of knowledge they might have.
  7. Create a digital library: Using your LMS, you can collate your organization's videos,  webinars, manuals, whatever else and allow employees to dip in and keep up to date with ongoing projects, industry insights and so on.
  8. Reward learning: Getting a learning culture off the ground can be a bit of an uphill battle so speed up the process with incentives. Having prizes and opportunities for top company learners or using your LMS, encourage employees to win badges and have bragging rights by being top of your company’s learning leaderboard.

It may take time, but creating a strong learning culture can really benefit your business. By following these easy to implement steps, you can create a learning culture that filters throughout your organization from your employees to your customers to your productivity to your profit.





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