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Leadership episodes

Hear from industry innovators and leaders how to push the boundaries and strengthen the impact of learning on your business.

Building a Resilient Workforce

Sonia Malik, Learning Strategist at IBM, shares ways to encourage future-thinking and self-driven learners.

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Building a Customer Education Program From Scratch

Dee Kapila, Head of Customer Education at Miro shares steps to jumpstart your customer education.

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Learning in the Age of Immediacy

Brandon Carson, Director of Learning at Delta Air Lines, shares how the digital age is impacting training.

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Salesforce: Trailblazers in Customer Education

Heather Conklin, SVP & GM Trailhead, Salesforce, shares how they became the leader in customer education.

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Digital Transformation IS Your L&D Strategy

Christopher Lind, Head of Digital Learning at GE Healthcare, on how to future-proof your learning programs

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Learning Culture with the CLO of McDonald’s

Rob Lauber, McDonald’s CLO, shares how to build a global training strategy that sets the industry standard

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Remote Learning with the CLO of NASA

NASA’s CLO, Dr. Karen L. Gilliam, shares how they’ve built a learning culture that skyrockets success.

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