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Practical episodes

Discover new practical techniques to support ambitious learning initiatives and help your organization reach new heights.

Avoid Assessment Pitfalls

Cara North, Director of L&D at Circulo Health, shares how to avoid assessment pitfalls.

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Create Engaging Experiences Through Visual Design

Tim Slade shares how to use visual communications to create engaging learning experiences.

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Learning for Everyone: A Guide to Accessibility

Discover steps to create learning experiences for all and adopt an inclusive approach to learning design.

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Solve Measurement Mysteries like an L&D Detective

Kevin M. Yates, the L&D Detective, demystifies how to measure the impact of your learning programs.

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The Learner Engagement Playbook

Naphtali Bryant shares 7 key plays every organization should make to drive learning success.

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Marketing Techniques for Your Learning Programs

Bianca Baumann, Senior Learning Strategist and Author, shares how to improve learner engagement.

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Designing eLearning that Gets Results

Tim Slade, Instructional Designer, shares how to create engaging, goal-focused learning experiences.

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Power Efficiency in Your Training Team

Emily Wood, Learning Designer, offers a masterclass in training project management.

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Assessing the Potential Value of Your Programs

Dr. Jack J. Phillips, ROI Institute Chairman, shares how to accurately measure corporate training ROI.

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