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Brain-based Tactics for Leveraging How Adults Learn

It can often be difficult to be a subject-matter expert as well as a training expert. And while SME’s can create expertly crafted content, the delivery of the content may lead to learning gaps. So, how do organizations make sure that learners are retaining their training?

Join Dr. Allison Friederichs, President of ROI Training Solutions, as she shares the tenets of brain-based training tactics to make learning information stick (and how that stickiness doesn’t happen by accident!). In this Inspire session, Allison will share her science-backed techniques so you can leverage knowledge about how the adult brain learns to ensure that learning is actually taking place – regardless of the learner or context.

Watch this webinar to learn: 

  • How the neurons in the brain absorb and process information
  • Why the learning environment is so important to aid your learning efforts
  • Ways to utilize social learning to enhance the retention of your training programs