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Build an Employee Onboarding Program With an LMS

Are you ready to say goodbye to chaotic, last-minute onboarding scrambles and hello to a process that consistently helps new team members find their feet in your business? Whether you’re setting up an onboarding flow for the very first time or are feeling the need to refine your current one, this guide will help you create a smooth, engaging experience for your new hires.

In this guide, you’ll see how to build an onboarding experience that combines modern learning techniques and technologies with your company’s unique culture. We’ll help you create a process that gives new hires the tools they need to find their feet, build confidence, and perform highly, all while helping them feel like they truly belong.


You’ll learn:

  • The impact that a powerful onboarding plan has on businesses
  • How to build a successful onboarding program and strategies with an LMS
  • What metrics to use to measure the success of your program
  • The importance of a good user experience in employee onboarding