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How to Improve your Customer Engagement with Training

Improving customer engagement is a top priority for businesses right now. Higher levels of engagement means happier customers, better retention and a positive impact on your bottom line.

Engaging customers can, however, be a tricky task. Training your customers is a great way to get them up to speed on how to use your product. When planned and implemented, it can be the perfect tool to encourage your audience to engage, adopt and continuously keep coming back to your product.

Today, we’re sharing training tactics that you should try out to improve your customer engagement.

The steps to increase customer engagement with training

Start training from the get-go

When a new customer signs up for your product it's an important time. You have to show them how to use your product effectively so that they can get the most value from it. That’s why it’s the best time to hit them with a training course. Using a learning management system (LMS), you can create an introductory course to enroll your new customer in. This course can welcome them aboard, show off your product and include the first steps of how to use it effectively. It’s a great way to get your customer started and on the path to success.

Keep training to increase success and customer engagement

The key to engagement is to keep your customers coming back. And this is where customer training can help you. If you continuously train your customers and update their knowledge they will repeatedly see the value of your product and learn best practices to boost their success. Once again a great LMS can help you set up training easily. You can plan out weeks or months of courses for your customer to deepen their understanding of your product and their relationship with it.

Customer Engagement

Learning paths are a nifty tool you can utilize for this too so it’s all automated. It allows you to tie a selection of courses together in your LMS and once one course is completed they are automatically enrolled in the next. You don’t have to do anything apart from the initial set up and you’ll have peace of mind that your training is constantly helping your customers become engaged with your product.

Make a product tour

If your customer passed over a demo, skipped important information or is finding it hard to get to grips with your product, making a product tour is a smart tactic. This in-depth explainer of your product allows your customers to learn about your product in their own time while also getting the information they need.

You can create a captivating product tour in a number of ways including slides, an eBook, video or mixing different media. And it’s an extremely impactful tactic if you have a product that is complex or feature heavy so that your customers get a detailed look at what you offer.

Host a webinar

In an ideal world, you’d talk face-to-face with every customer to show them exactly how to use your product. As a growing business, though, that’s not always achievable. A webinar is a powerful way to scale your training and reach a much bigger audience so you can educate them on your product to boost customer engagement.

To make the webinar as simple for you as possible you can integrate your favorite webinar tool with your LMS. That way you can schedule events in your LMS that automatically update in your webinar tool, register attendees through your LMS and easily track your customers’ attendance. All you have to do is promote it to your customers!

Personalize your training

Not all customers need training in all aspects of your product. Therefore generic messaging with generic training can turn some of your customers off. Increase your chances of training uptake and better product engagement by personalizing your training.

This is actually straightforward and scalable to do if you have a good LMS. You can group your customers depending on factors such as the features they are interested in, their pricing plan, use case and more. Then in your LMS, you can deliver personalized training to a group based on these specific criteria making your training more impactful for them.

Demonstrate with real-world examples

When discovering a new product it can be difficult for your customers to grasp what it does for them. Discovering the key benefit is very important for customer engagement and you have to help them see it. We find that the most impactful way to do this is by using real-world examples in your training. Including case studies, success stories and actionable results grabs your customers’ attention as they can start to see how your product could benefit them.

Incentivize with certificates

Customers are more likely to be successful and engaged with your product if they properly complete your training. And a powerful way to achieve this is with certificates. Rewarding customers with a certificate makes them much more likely to complete it. It also acts as a ‘badge of honor’ as your customer can prove they know how to use your product and achieve success.Customer Engagement

The lesson to take

Customer training can be an effective tool that really engages your customers. It can add tremendous benefits for you and your customers as it shows them how to achieve real success with your product. We suggest you start to implement training for your customers. Begin with one training tactic and build from there. It’s sure to improve engagement and increase customer retention.




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