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10 Tips to Quickly Adapt to Online Training Using LearnUpon

A huge, worldwide shift has happened. Unexpected and unprecedented, businesses and their people have had to react and adapt fast to not only working remotely but also having to train remotely.

At LearnUpon, we’ve experienced this too. We are a business that’s now working 100% remotely, but we still have customers to educate and employees to onboard. To solve this, we’re leaning on our LMS more than ever, and we’d like to help you to do the same.

We’ve collated a list of LMS features and functionality that we think will help your business smoothly and easily make the most of remote learning.

1. Need to move in-person training online?

Use ILT sessions and/or Webinars

With our integration, you can connect your preferred webinar tool to LearnUpon and deliver live sessions to your learners. Easy to do (it only takes a couple of clicks), it enables you to record attendance and engage with your learners in a more personal, instant way.

10 Tips to Quickly Adapt to Online Training Using LearnUponAlternatively, if you don’t want to use the webinar integration, you can simply paste a link to the webinar meeting in your ILT course description, along with your agenda or meeting notes.

For ongoing or recurring ILT sessions, you can create a course that has pre-populated sessions (as many as you want), even if you don’t have set dates or numbers of sessions yet. You then have the ability to add the dates and information needed, after you’ve published the course. And, to make courses extra fast to create, why not build a template of a course and copy it to another course with many ILT sessions. This means you don’t have to create a new one each time.

2. Want to make a vital course stand out?

Set course(s) to “Can never be completed”

Available in your course’s ‘Additional Settings’ (on your course’s Info page), this allows you to create a course that learners can’t “complete” so that it remains on their course dashboard. This is also useful if you have a course that you plan on adding new content to.

3. Need to share new content or important information?

Use Dashboard Banners to get the word out

With LearnUpon’s Dashboard Banners, you can pick and choose which courses to showcase to your learners. You can also link out to external sites from your banners, and include the latest company news, invaluable resources, and more.

10 Tips to Quickly Adapt to Online Training Using LearnUpon

4. Need to add more information to your email notifications?

Use Course Specific Text and Email banners

With our customizable emails, you can add your own text to your enrollment and completion emails for each course, if there is additional information you want to share with learners.

On top of this, you can use banners in your emails for courses that are a high-priority to make them stand out more.

5. Need to update your existing course content?

Add revisions to your courses with ease

If you want to add or remove segments within your course modules, you can easily do it without having to do a reversion.

10 Tips to Quickly Adapt to Online Training Using LearnUponHowever, if you add or remove a module from a course, you’ll need to revise the course. If you do a reversion to a course and add or delete a module, you can move all of your “In Progress” and “Not Started” learners to the new version. This means they take the course from the beginning and don’t miss out on the most up-to-date content. Alternatively, they can also remain on the previous version if you wish.

6. Want to easily distribute new courses to all your learners?

Make use of Auto-Assign Rules

You can quickly and easily give all your users the content they need with Auto-Assign Rules. Simply, create an “All Users Group” and an auto-assign rule to add all users to this group. This ensures that when you add this group to a course, all the right users are enrolled and get the training they need.

7. Want to allow users to create a learner profile?

Enable self-registration 

By configuring the LMS login screen, it enables your learners to self-register for an account. You can even collect the necessary information you need from them by using editable and mandatory custom user data fields. And, using Auto-Assign Rules mentioned in our last point, you can allocate training based on this information too. Then, once set, there’s no input needed from you.

You can also keep unwanted users out by whitelisting certain email domains so that self-registration is limited to those domains.

8. Want to create a place to share and connect with learners?

Use an LMS forum

Within LearnUpon, you have the ability to create a Forum of your own to connect with your learners. Empowering your team and learners to have discussions, ask questions, and make learning social, you can set up forums for individual courses, portal-wide or group-specific discussions.

You also can set your forum to “read-only” and use it as a notice board to share up-to-date information with your learners.

9. Want to share documentation and resources outside of a course?

Use Resources for documents and links

Documents, links, videos, eBooks, audio… the list goes on. You can add all of these to LearnUpon as a resource to use within the portal or to share externally.

10. Need newly remote users to provide signed documents?

Use Assignments for learners to upload documents

Even though your learners are online or remote, you still need to dot the I’s and cross the T’s on important documents. For any new policies or procedures that you need your learners to agree to, you can have them upload these to an Assignment module quickly and easily.

Why you Should be Using an LMS to Deliver Assignments

Looking for more tips?

If you’ve just recently made the move to online learning, or want to expand your offering with LearnUpon, then reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Onboarding Specialist. Our team is always here to help you adapt and make the most of your online corporate training.


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    Great tips! The 10th tip was a really good suggestion; never thought of using the assignment feature for signatures/uploads from learners. Thanks for sharing!

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    • Emma

      Happy to help, Monika. Glad you found some useful tips!





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