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Integrate your Webinar Tool with your LMS

Integrating a webinar tool with your LMS saves you precious time and effort. When delivering courses that contain webinar sessions you’ll want to ensure it’s as straightforward as possible and that you have access to all of your data in one system. That’s why LearnUpon integrates with the world’s most popular webinar tools. Including:

This type of integration is easy to set up and doesn’t require a developer. Let’s look at how you can integrate your webinar tool of choice with LearnUpon, how this streamlines your workflows, and the resulting benefits. webinar integration LMS

What does this type of integration do?

The aim of any integration is to reduce the duplication of work and to automate time-consuming tasks. This is done by synchronizing data from one system to the other. With a webinar tool LMS integration there are three parts to this synchronization: Scheduling, Registration, Attendance Reporting

Benefits of webinar integration

So how will this actually improve your day-to-day management of courses? Here’s a common workflow to show how the two systems work together.

How to set it up

If you’re worried that this might be too complicated, you’ve nothing to fear, it’s easy! The process of setting up the integration varies slightly depending on the tool you use and can be integrated in minutes. In the settings section of LearnUpon, you’ll find the suitably named option – ‘Webinar Integration’. All of the webinar integrations currently supported by LearnUpon are listed here. You can choose one or more to set up, click add and follow the simple on screen instructions. You will need your webinar account details to hand. For example, the Gif below shows exactly how easy it is to set up the Zoom integration in LearnUpon:

Integrate now

If you are managing your webinar sessions manually we know the heartaches that can result! Integrate your webinar tool with your LearnUpon portal to see for yourself the time and effort that can be saved.




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