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Use partner training to build sustainable shared revenue

Propel your partnership success; deliver a strategic partner education program that drives successful commercial relationships for your business, all through a single, user-focused solution.

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Onboard more partners

Accelerate partner success by equipping them with the knowledge they need to start selling.

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Create an educated network

Use strategic education programs to align product knowledge across your company’s partners.

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Boost partner revenue

Achieve more sales and secure best-fit customers, with partners who can communicate your value.

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Build and protect your brand

Safeguard your brand and develop your reputation for successful commercial partnerships, via training.

“LearnUpon allows me to create videos and content to promote our new features. The end result is that they want to upgrade. It helps our revenue at the end of the day.”
Sandra Karlovich - Learning Consultant at Upstream Works Software

Sandra Karlovich

Learning Consultant at Upstream Works Software


Design an authorized certification program

Keep standards high and ensure partners are up-to-date on their training with personalized certifications. Use automated processes to set training reminders, re-enrollment dates and recertification timelines.


Confidently assess
partner knowledge

Reinforce essential points and ensure your partners know their stuff through knowledge checks with LearnUpon’s Exams and Assignments. Encourage and capture feedback to improve your training by adding Surveys right into your courses.


Grow your partner network, scale your training

Replace costly in-person training and reach your global partners through online learning. With automated workflows, robust integrations, and on-demand courses – our platform gives you the power to scale-up your training.


Tailor each learning experience

Configure different learning environments tailored to partners, and deliver content to meet your audiences’ requirements. From your top-level portal, communicate announcements with banner ads and allocate courses to each partner portal.

Explore our most popular features

LearnUpon is built with the features you need to deliver fast and efficient training through one intuitive platform. For more information, see the LearnUpon features checklist.

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Drive partner revenue through
training with LearnUpon