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Take compliance training from tick-box to transformational

Achieve, maintain, and record compliance within one intuitive platform. Move beyond checking boxes to make an impact on the behavior, culture and values across your organization.

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Foster compliance

Build a workplace culture where ethics and compliance are treated as part of everyone’s role.

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Be audit ready

Easily access secure training records and reports in one system, avoiding surprise audit findings.

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Minimize risk

Grow employee confidence and awareness on internal policies and external regulations.

“We maintained an average completion rate of 90% and achieved 100% completion rate on assignments. Based on pre- and post-assessments we experienced an average knowledge uplift of 3.5%.”
Jennifer Hovestadt - Senior Training Manager at Premium Retail Services

Jennifer Hovestadt

Senior Training Manager at Premium Retail Services


Streamline and deliver programs at scale

Automate repetitive actions like user creation and enrollment, and set triggers ahead of time to remind learners of impending deadlines, re-enrollment dates and recertification timelines.


Ensure learners stay on top of critical information

Simplify assessment using in-built exam and assignment features. Ensure 100% completion with required training, video tracking and set progression criteria.


Certify and re-certify successful learners

Award, verify, and give your employees a sense of achievement; use our certification engine to award personalized completion certificates and set automated processes notifying learners to recertify periodically.

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LearnUpon is built with the features you need to deliver fast and efficient training through one intuitive platform. For more information, see the LearnUpon features checklist.

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