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Achieve, record, and maintain compliance

Manage your business's compliance training all through one intuitive learning platform.

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Efficiently manage every step of compliance training

With LearnUpon LMS, you can deliver, manage, and record your company’s compliance training.

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A single solution

Reduce compliance burden for admins and learners by using a simple solution to deliver compliance training.

Efficient training online

Save time, money, and resources by providing all your training online.

Secure records

Know your compliance records are safe, secure, and trackable, with a reliable LMS.

Scale training

Easily reach every learner across multiple teams, locations, and time zones.

Automate your certification process

Ensure your employees are always compliant with certification and recertification.

Certify employees

Reward learners for completing their compliance training by automatically awarding customizable certificates.

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Recertify automatically

Keep compliance up-to-date by setting re-enrollment dates to automatically recertifying employees on a periodic basis.

Automatic reminders

Notify learners that it’s time to re-take their training to remain compliant.

Minimize your risk of non-compliance

Accurately track your business’s training using LearnUpon’s reports to ensure you’re always compliant.

Report training status

Use reports to identify which learners have or have not completed training. You'll always know who's currently compliant.

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Automate reports

Monitor training automatically by scheduling reports.

Be audit ready

Securely store and instantly access records when you need to so you’re always prepared for audit.

Ensure managing training is quick and easy

Save time and remove the operational headaches of compliance training with LearnUpon's easy-to-use solution.

Quick to set up

Start delivering compliance training when you need to with a quick to launch LMS.

Automate tasks

Remove unwieldy manual processes and save time by automating repetitive administrative tasks.

Delegate jobs

Make training management more efficient by delegating and assigning jobs to managers.

Connect with your HR system

Integrate with your HR system to ensure training is effortless to roll out and monitor.

Deliver an accessible, intuitive training experience

Give employees an improved training experience that makes it simple for them to achieve compliance.

Simple learner interface

Offer an intuitive solution that ensures employees can quickly and easily complete training.

Mobile-friendly learning

Help your employees learn when they need to by providing them with training that's accessible any time on any device.

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Ease learner access

Remove barriers and make access to the LMS seamless via your intranet. There's no need to log in again.

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