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How to Find an LMS Partner, Not a Vendor

With hundreds of learning management systems to choose from, it can be difficult to pinpoint the best solution for your business’s needs. But, the perfect fit LMS partner is out there. You just need to know how to narrow your search.

Watch David Wentworth, Principal Analyst at Brandon Hall Group, and Laura Wilson, Onboarding Specialist at LearnUpon, as they discuss how it takes more than a technology solution to achieve business goals. It takes a technology partner.

Accompanying this webinar is an eBook featuring practical advice on how to find the best learning solution for your business, what makes a great LMS partnership, and what to look for before you commit.

You’ll learn:

  • How the landscape of learning technology has evolved
  • The best practices for selecting an LMS partner for the long-term
  • Practical steps to ensure a smooth transition to your new LMS