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users and groups

Create different user roles and groups to make training management much more efficient.

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Easily assign multiple user types

Administrators, Managers, Instructors, Learners - you decide the roles that your users have within your LMS.

Delegate tasks

Share the workload. Allow Managers to oversee and report on their assigned Learners, while Instructors create and manage courses, facilitate training sessions, and provide feedback to learners​.

Create groups, save time

Say goodbye to micro-managing individual users. LearnUpon's groups are the ultimate time-saver. Quickly organize your users into segments based on the characteristics you set - department, team, role, location - it's all up to you.

Automate your user management

Instantly assign learners to courses or learning paths en masse using groups, and enable access to specific course catalogs and resources. You can also filter reports by group to isolate vital data about your segments. It's a simple action that saves you so much time.

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