SCORM & xAPI (Tin Can)

LearnUpon makes the upload and delivery of SCORM and xAPI (Tin Can) files easy

LearnUpon boasts an intuitive and neat SCORM and xAPI interface

  • Drag and Drop upload
  • Override SCORM settings
  • Replace SCORM or xAPI files without altering the course or its enrollments
  • Compatible with all popular authoring tools
  • Integrate with an LRS to access and interpret granular LMS data




Drag and drop SCORM & xAPI courses

Upload your SCORM or xAPI zip folders from your desktop into LearnUpon and watch it spring to life in seconds. The drag and drop functionality speeds up your process so building courses is simple. No other LMS supports SCORM and xAPI like we do.

Popular authoring tools supported

LearnUpon supports SCORM and xAPI course content produced in all the major authoring tools including Articulate Storyline, Adobe Captivate, iSpringPro, Lectora and Elucidat. SCORM or xAPI course content produced in other tools can also be used.


SCORM troubleshooting

When you upload your SCORM course LearnUpon will validate it and provide you with feedback on any errors identified within the file so you can correct them and import the file again. All SCORM and xAPI files are securely stored in the cloud. Our team consists of SCORM experts, with knowledge and experience to answer your questions. We know SCORM!

Learning Record Store (LRS) integration

LearnUpon seamlessly integrates with Learning Record Stores that implement basic HTTP authorization in their API. It only takes 30 seconds to configure the integration allowing LearnUpon to ship xAPI statements to your LRS of choice.

LRSs Yet Analytics, Watershed, Learning Locker & GrassBlade

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