Salesforce LMS Integration

Integrate the world’s most popular CRM with LearnUpon for streamlined, scalable workflows.

Easily combine CRM and training data

Take advantage of a full, two-way integration by adding LearnUpon as a Salesforce connected app. Automatically sync the two platforms with ease and ensure you always have access to accurate training data.

Access our LMS right in Salesforce

Embed LearnUpon directly into your Salesforce user dashboard. Your users can access and complete their courses in an environment they already know.

Use SSO for easy access

There’s no need for another set of login details. Your learners can quickly access LearnUpon by clicking on a tab in their Salesforce dashboard.

Assign training

Save valuable admin time by assigning courses to your users right in Salesforce.

Track training data

Get up-to-date data when you need it. You can send training information to Salesforce in real-time and easily generate powerful reports for all your training needs.

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