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LMS Portals

Train multiple audiences all in one system, with learning portals.

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Create unique learning environments for every audience

At LearnUpon, we built personalized portals into our platform from the very start. Think of them as 'mini LMSs' that enable you to manage and deliver training to your employees, partners, and customers all in separate, unique environments.

Scale how you manage training

Efficient and scalable - portals empower you to train more people rapidly. You can manage and switch between portals easily, it all happens in one, central place.

Graphics of corporate LMS portals

Different audience, different branding

Style each portal so it's recognizable to your audience. Choose your brand colors, upload your logos, and banner images. You can also white-label.

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Build portals quickly

Set up as many portals as you need whenever you need to without any technical expertise - a couple of clicks and it’s done!

Delegate tasks

Save valuable time by assigning tasks to different users - admins, managers, instructors - within each portal.

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Manage content at scale

Copy courses to different portals

Avoid needless duplication of work. You can copy, edit, and share courses between portals to make course management much more scalable. And you can easily deploy course changes across portals by changing only one version in your top portal.

License courses between portals

Give access to a course but stay in control with licensing. You decide the number of enrollments and the time in which they can be made making it easy to manage your different audiences.

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