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Turn every training session into an engaging learning experience with gamification.

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Gamify your learning

Level up your engagement rates by adding game mechanics to your learning process. Set clear goals, regular milestones, and recognize achievements to motivate learners.

Unlock badges

Award badges with every learning achievement. Pick ready-made badges, or create your own that are unique to your company.

Gain points and level up

Allow your users to gather points for completing activities, motivating them to reach the next level and get one step closer to their training goal.

Climb the leaderboard

Place a spotlight on the best performing and most active learners using leaderboards. It adds some friendly competition too!

Track and report

See a record of every badge, point, and level. LearnUpon's reporting lets you monitor all gamification activities from one place.

Share learner experiences

Fit gamification into your larger social learning system. Profile pictures and nicknames showcase individuals, and their contributions to the discussion forum set them apart.

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