Exams & Certification

Create exams for your learners and automatically reward them with certificates or learning credits

Easily manage your (re)certification training programs

  • Create your own online exams, quizzes and surveys
  • Select from multiple question types, apply time limits to exams
  • Provide graded results and transcripts automatically
  • Use your own certificate templates
  • Set certificate expiration dates to manage recertification requirements



Flexible and easy to use

Create your online exams or surveys and place them into your courses. Exams may be timed, graded, and involve full randomization of questions and possible answers. Your learners will navigate through the exams or surveys and answer the questions on the device of their choice.

Multiple question types

Question types include true/false, pick one, multiple correct answer, image based questions, list matching, sequencing and fill-in-the-blank, allowing you to construct almost any exam structure. Questions may be weighted and the results delivered to the learner with feedback on their performance.


Award certificates

You can easily generate certificates within LearnUpon. By using your own templates and deciding which variables you want to include on your certificates, you can completely customize the process. The learner will be sent a PDF copy instantly and can download it directly from their dashboard.


Manage recertification training

If you require your learners to recertify at regular intervals, you can set expiry dates on any certifications awarded and LearnUpon will automatically reassign training to learners when their renewal becomes due.  You can run certificate reports to easily identify learners who are past due.

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