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Turn training into a revenue stream. Create branded storefronts to sell your courses.

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Create a branded storefront

Choose from a selection of layouts and configurations to best showcase your purchasable courses. Add logos, images, and customize the color palette to make it your own.

Sell courses with ease

Select the training you want to sell so it appears in your storefront. When a course is purchased, the learner gains instant access.

Use the payment gateways you want

Integrate your storefront with popular payment gateways like Shopify, Paypal, and Stripe.

Support multiple purchasing options

LearnUpon supports discount coupons, bulk purchasing, multiple currencies, and sales tax / VAT handling.

Boost findability with SEO and Google Analytics

Ensure your courses get maximum visibility with LearnUpon’s built-in SEO functionality and Google Analytics integration. You can even feature your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn profiles within your store to maximize social proof.

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