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Certify your successful learners, and save time by automating every step of the process.

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Certify your learners

Give your learners a sense of achievement by certifying them for successfully completing their training.

Customize certificates

Choose from a standard template or reflect your brand’s look and feel by customizing certificates.

Certify without the manual work

Certificates can be set to automatically generate in LearnUpon. When your learner completes their course or learning path, they’re instantly awarded - no input needed from you!

Automate recertification

Need to recertify your learners? Set expiry dates on certificates and LearnUpon will do all the hard work. Learners will be automatically re-enrolled and notified when it’s time to take the latest version of the course.

Instant access to certification records

Report and record your training to know who is certified and who's not. Instantly access your securely housed records so your business is always audit ready.

Promote through social sharing

Enable your learners to share their certificates on their social channels. Not only is it a point of pride, but it also promotes your brand too.

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