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Branding and White-labeling

Your LMS, your brand. Customize LearnUpon in minutes to reflect your company’s unique look and feel.

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Make LearnUpon your own

Transform your learning portal to reflect your business's look and feel. Brand and configure your LMS fast to create an environment that your audiences recognize and trust.

Add your logos

Upload your business’s logos to place them on the user interface, making your LMS instantly identifiable for your learners.

Choose your colors

Use our color picker to add your company’s exact colors to the interface and create an attractive learning environment.

LMS dashboard

Create banner images

Add static, animated, and multimedia banners to your dashboard to fill out the branding of your learning portal.

LMS url

White-label to create an LMS that’s all yours

Pick the custom URLs you want and remove any reference to LearnUpon from your learning portals. It's an LMS that's completely your own.

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