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More learning, less effort. Streamline your training processes by automating workflows.

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Let the LMS do the work for you

Spend less time micro-managing training to add more time back into your day. LearnUpon is built to automate repetitive actions to help you scale your training.

Add and remove users effortlessly

Eliminate the manual process of adding and removing individual users to your LMS. With LearnUpon, you can automate the process by integrating with your HR or CRM System.

Auto-enroll every user

Scale up enrollment by setting your own criteria that automatically assigns users to courses and learning paths.

Notify and remind automatically

Set up triggered notifications and reminders in LearnUpon so your learners always know when it’s time to train.

Scheduled reports right to your inbox

Never forget to run a report again. Schedule reports to automate the process, keeping your data accurate, and managers informed of every training step.

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