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A New Look for LearnUpon

Seven years, four offices, one hundred employees (almost) and 1000+ customers - LearnUpon has gone from being the new kid on the block to becoming one of the world's leading learning management systems.

In that time, we’ve changed. We’ve grown as a business. Our product has evolved and improved, and our team has become stronger. Last year we decided it was time to reflect those changes. We planned to update our branding and visual style so that it would mirror who we are as a business and demonstrate what our customers really like about LearnUpon.

In late February this year, after a lot of hard graft, you may have noticed our updated branding launched, shiny new website and all. We want to take this opportunity to explain why it was time for a design refresh and what it means for LearnUpon as a whole.

So, why the change?

There were so many reasons why we decided LearnUpon was in need of a makeover.

The first was that our branding, messaging, and website had remained unchanged for a few years. And in that time, we matured as a business. It didn’t fit the personality and style that our customers know and what we’d grown to be - a modern, user-friendly solution with a dedicated team. We wanted our images, text, and website to show who we really are as a business.

Our old website, images, and messaging were also not as consistent as we wanted them to be. We had added new pages and wrote new text over time, but it was all a bit ham-fisted. Our brand didn’t flow as well as we wanted. It was in need of a big spring clean.

We decided it was time to create a brand new look and feel for LearnUpon, with new messaging, a fresh website, and a consistent style that we were happy with.

LearnUpon: What we believe in

Since the beginning, LearnUpon has been built around two key factors that we believe in - our platform and our people.

On the product side, we pride ourselves on providing a solution that is easy-to-use, reliable, modern, and practical. On our people side, we put a substantial focus on being committed, knowledgeable, experienced, and supportive.

We decided that to truly reflect the brand we needed to focus on these two central aspects. This was the key to the LearnUpon brand.

The redesign

The first stage of our brand update was to scrap our old messaging and look, then start from the beginning again. Only a couple of elements were kept - our blue and white color scheme and logo.A New Look for LearnUpon

However, even these two were updated slightly as keen eyed people will notice that we added a few more shades of blue and tweaked the logo to be more symmetrical and have an updated font.

For the product side of our brand, we decided to concentrate on adding new solutions and features pages to our website that showcases what LearnUpon does best.

When we started creating these our team always kept our product values front and center - easy-to-use, reliable, modern, and practical. To us, this meant short, distinct explanations of what our product does, accompanied by uncluttered images. These not only clearly explain what our product does, but it also shows you too.

A New Look for LearnUpon

This was not an easy task. We went through a lot (too many!) iterations, but we ended up with beautifully simple pages with subtle pops of color that we believe show LearnUpon at its best.

For our people, we knew we wanted to move away from stock images. We had used them in our previous branding, but they felt cold and generic. We also considered illustrations of people. We're fans of illustrations as we use them throughout the website, however, for our updated branding this didn't seem to fit the people aspect of our personality either.

One of the key pieces of feedback we hear at LearnUpon is that our customers deal with real people. Our team gets to know our customers, they know each other's faces. There is a real relationship. After lots of back and forth, only one idea seemed to feel right - feature the LearnUpon team.

 A New Look for LearnUpon

So, we placed our real team on our website. Yep, that’s really us! We believe it adds a more personal touch to our brand and shows the people that our customers communicate with every day.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the LearnUpon rebrand, and we’re still working on it too. There have been hundreds of changes and additions - big and small - from our new tagline to our updated “Why LearnUpon?” page, and there are many more to come.

Right now, we’re delighted with the new look and feel and we’re confident our current and future customers will like it too.




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