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Key Insights From Our Recent Future-Focused Learning Event

As the learning industry continues to evolve rapidly, we understand the importance of connecting with learning leaders to gain insights into the future of this dynamic field. At LearnUpon, we’re committed to keeping the customer at the heart of everything we do.  Therefore, we invited learning professionals from various industries not just for a masterclass on the future of learning, but also to foster a space where these experts could share their experiences, challenges, needs, and interests. This was an invaluable opportunity for the learning community to come together, allowing industry leaders to network, connect, and exchange expertise.

What Was the LearnUpon Future-Focused Masterclass?

We organized three events in three cities: London, Dublin, and the upcoming Utah event. These events weren’t just about learning; they were about facilitating meaningful discussions. The format was a panel discussion all set in an engaging and collaborative environment.

Our theme, “The Future of Learning,” sparked numerous thought-provoking conversations, particularly about the rapid changes in the industry.  We facilitated talks on various topics like learning personalization, learning in the flow of work, the impact of learning, and Learning Automation, emphasizing the collective expertise present in the room.

The speakers included a mix of LearnUpon team members and industry experts, bringing a diverse range of knowledge and perspectives. Brendan Noud, LearnUpon CEO and Co-founder, and Steve McCurry, VP of Product, shared insights in London and Dublin, while Frances Kleven, Director of Enterprise Customer Success, hosted the London and Dublin events.

What Were the Key Takeaways?

Our discussions went beyond just sharing our perspective. They were an exchange of ideas about the transformative role of AI and automation in learning, the integration of learning into work environments, and the measurement of learning outcomes. The collective wisdom in the room helped highlight different strategies for leveraging learning in driving business success, enhancing leadership skills, and impacting revenue growth, employee retention, and cost reduction.

  • Transformative role of AI: Our experts delved into the transformative role of AI and automation in learning workflows and uncovered how these technologies streamline administrative tasks, enhance learning experiences, and provide crucial real-time insights and analytics. 
  • Learning in the flow of work: Our discussions highlighted the importance of integrating learning into everyday work environments, emphasizing the growing relevance of learning and the impact of these practices on employee development.
  • Measuring ROI: We also explored the intricacies of measuring learning outcomes, understanding the frameworks and strategies necessary for assessing the true impact of learning initiatives. Our panelists shared perspectives on leveraging learning to drive business success, enhance leadership skills, and contribute to revenue growth, employee retention, and cost reduction.

The Masterclass events were more than just learning sessions; they were a collaborative platform where L&D leaders from various sectors could come together to share their expertise. We facilitated these conversations, providing our insights into the industry and product development, but the true value lay in the diverse experiences and strategies shared by everyone present.

Did you miss our event? Don’t worry, delve into the latest trends and insights in the learning industry with our comprehensive “State of Learning” report. This in-depth analysis is your key to understanding the current landscape and future directions of learning and development.

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